Thursday, December 17, 2009


I was going to wait to do this post until January, but I simply couldn't, there are just too many darling goodies to share!!!!

I work with a number of incredibly talented and gifted artists and designers, and am thrilled to introduce to you some of the fabulous felt products they have created for us here at Kate Landers Events, LLC!

First, there are the fabulous felt party hats. These were one of the very first items I discovered and fell in love with at first site. It started with the daisies. Then came the sailboat, followed by the turtles and lion, and the farm hat was one we had planned for months but as you can tell, is perfection and took weeks to get it exactly where we wanted it to be. The designer of these darling hats has an eye for detail and is a perfectionist, so you know that every hat, which she makes by hand individually, is going to be stunning. We also created preppy whale party hats, a dinosaur party hat, and there are many more in the works. Have a design suggestion for our exquisite felt party hats? We would LOVE to hear it! Let us know, your thoughts mean a lot to us!

Shortly after the hats were in the works, I found a fabulous treasure in the monorammed felt hair clips. Each one is so precious, the monogramming is spectacular in quality, and the threads and felts used by the designer are the highest of quality. The scalloped edge is what put me over the top, it had that old fashioned appeal to it I couldn't resist. Who would have thought a monogrammed felt hair clip could have so much charm? The newest design are the classic round scalloped single initial felt hair clips, which I absolutely adore. Stay tuned for some darling new designs in January, as I know this designer has many fabulous felt tricks up her sleeve!

What better to go with a hair accessory that a fabulous pair of custom felt shoes?!?! I had to do a double take when I first saw these...the amazing fact that there is so much detail, so much charm in such a tiny little classic mary jane was beyond my greatest imagination. Wow! There are several new colors and designs that will be posted soon--think pink, fuchsia, chocolate! These shoes, created by yet again another brilliant creative genius, are available from the tiniest size to adult sizes! Yes!!! We love these, our customers who have purchased them have adored them, and we hope you will too. These felt maryjanes are simply darling.

When I was on the hunt for some unique cupcake toppers, I found these precious felt rose brooches, and I contacted the designer to see if she would be able to create an exclusive felt rose cupcake topper (two sizes, one for standard and one for miniature cupcakes) and was beyond ecstatic when she not only was able to fulfill that will, but exceeded my expectations and was able to create an exclusive felt rose hair clip as well. This felt is the highest quality I have ever felt, no pun intended! The cupcake toppers are available and will be posted in the Shoppe soon!

Whimsical fairy wings were something I adored as a little girl, and when I discovered this extremely talented artist, I was blown away by her creativity and ability to create such a perfect pair of fairy wings with no wires whatsoever! These wings are plush, soft, fabulously felt, and feature felt flowers and streaming ribbons to make any little one wearing them feel like she could fly away!

And who could wear fairy wings without a felt fairy wand and crown? There is something so dainty about the floral detail on these felt crowns that makes them incredibly sweet. Not only are these crowns comfortable to wear, adjustable with velcro, but they are also available in custom color combinations! Check back soon for the most amazing pink floral crown, you will be blown away! And the matching floral wand features streaming velvet ribbons with tiny felt flowers attached--the touch of the artist, of course!

On the subject of crowns, I have always loved products that are monogrammed, and our personalized felt crowns are perfect for any princess. Also available in custom color combinations, these hand embroidered monogram crowns are dreamy for the little royal one in your life! And of course we would never go without offering a coordinating beautiful monogrammed felt fairy wand to match!!!!

When I saw how precious the hand embroidered felt crown and wand came out, I wanted to see more hand embroidered monogrammed felt goodies. And thus, the perfect personalized present was created: the monogrammed felt toothfairy pillow. We have multiple designs that have yet to be featured on our website, if you are interested in ordering please ask! They are a sweet present and the little stitched pocket allows just enough room for the toothfairy's visit!

One of the last fabulous felt products I want to mention is the felt ruffle-trimmed full circle skirt, featuring a custom felt flower and ribbon brooch. These felt ruffle skirts are darling worn as is, and have even more flair when worn with a tutu or pettiskirt underneath! Available in an assortment of colors, custom made to order, these felt skirts are the perfect alternative to our classic birthday frocks. Paired with a darling pair of tights or rain boots, they are perfection! Don't forget, these were tested and we made sure they were washable and practical for all of lifes little spills!

Coming soon to our shoppe are the monogrammed hand stitched initial pocket felt placemats (beyond cute), the felt party games (I almost cried after we created our first one, it was so fabulous), felt dolls, felt table runners, and much, much more. So stay tuned, and I hope you enjoyed our fabulous felt finds feature!!!!

Thank you to all the wonderful designers who helped create these perfect felt confections!!!

I invite you readers to leave a comment for the designers, letting them know your favorite felt finds!

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