Saturday, December 12, 2009

Preppy Monogram Calendar Exclusively Co-Designed By & Created For Kate Landers Events, LLC

I have searched high and low for a perfect personalized calendar--one that is practical, and stylish. After struggling to find one that was big enough to write all my birthday parties and other important appointments and events on while not cluttering up the calendar completely, I decided it was time for us to create one! And that is how our monogrammed calendar (custom, of course!) was born!

We designed our preppy monogram calendar so it can sit on an acrylic easel on your desk, or hang by a metal ring (adorned with ribbon, of course!) on your cork board/ribbon board/peg board) so you can easily grab it, see it, write on it, all the while enjoying a color scheme and your monogram to make it truly personalized! It is unlikely anyone else in the world will have a monogrammed calendar exactly like yours!

Birthdays are such important celebrations, we thought they deserved a special calendar. One fabulously unique feature about our preppy monogram calendars is that they do not start in any particular month--meaning you can order them YEAR ROUND--if you missed the calendar sales in January, order one to start in February. You get twelve months (or more if you wish!) starting in whatever month you so desire. We will even personalize the calendar with your own special birthdays and events for an additional fee--all typed up pretty and there for you so you won't forget--they will be part of the calendar!

At a wonderful price point of only $32.50, these 8.5" by 11" heavy white cardstock calendar pages each feature rounded corners, and come with your choice of the acrylic stand or metal ring.

We think they our monogrammed calendars are the perfect gift, and darling way to keep track of all the special celebrations in your life!

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