Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Now Introducing...Bunting Rental Services!

I have always adored bunting, and consider it a "must have" to decorate for a birthday celebration.

As you know, I offer luxe bunting made of fine wale corduroy and velvet (love love!), and I am also launching three new lines--classic cotton, felt, and paper!

This way there will be bunting suitable for all budgets, and in a range of textures and styles, shapes and sizes--customizable, of course!

Knowing how pricey bunting can get (especially when trying to decorate a large area, and match a unique color scheme that you likely won't use again), I have decided to start renting out bunting! From unique patterns and color-schemes to messages like "The Birthday Girl," "The Birthday Boy," and "Happy Birthday," you will have much to choose from!

Bunting rentals will start at an incredible low cost, with the option to buy if you fall in love with it!

I am starting to add some new bunting designs to the collection...any requests for color schemes, patterns, themes, fabrics?

Hip Hip Hooray for Bunting! Contact us at with your bunting rental inquiry today!


B said...

Love love this idea!! I am looking for a happy birthday bunting for my son's 1st Birthday in June. Colors are primary orange, red, blue etc..Would love stripes/dots in these colors. I am open to any fabric! Please keep me posted on this new venture!

Alexis said...

What a GENIUS idea!!