Thursday, April 8, 2010

Felt Party Hats at Kate Landers Events, LLC

Felt Party Hats are back in fashion at Kate Landers Events, LLC!!!

Back when I began creating the line of custom products for Kate Landers Events, LLC, I knew I wanted to offer a line of custom party hats that weren't what you could find at your regular party shop or discount store.

I knew already I wanted designer fabric hats with ruffle trim at the base (these are still a personal favorite!) to match table runners and napkins--create a more stylish, eco-friendly look for a party!

Then I discovered some felt party hats and thought "Wow! Felt hats would be fabulous!!!" I knew right away I wanted designs custom created for Kate Landers Events, LLC--ones that you wouldn't find anywhere else in the world! My first idea: a sailboat theme. Being Boston-based and near the water, there is a lot of preppy, nautical style in childrens' products and I wanted to create a sailboat themed party for boys!

So I contacted the vendor who made the darling felt party hats I saw in the first place, and gave her my detailed description of a custom design that she didn't already have--a sailboat!!!! I expressed how I wanted a light blue hat, red boat, white simple triangular sails, and red velvet ribbon to tie under the chin (what a luxe look this creates, so special for a first birthday!!!)..etc etc. She created this hat perfectly, just as I had imagined! Loved that hat!

I went right into the invitation design after that, having loved stitched invitations I had run into from my previous years in the high-end stationery industry, and wanted a stitched sailboat invitation for my sailboat-themed party.

I found a fabulous designer who made stitched invitations, and she custom created an exclusive invitation design for Kate Landers Events, LLC, of a fabulous sailboat. I LOVE these invitations.

We went with a more traditional "realistic" sailboat design with a wind-blown sail, and kept with my color scheme of light blue, red and white. But while experimenting, we added navy, light blue and white, as well as navy, red and white. I love ALL THREE stitched sailboat invitations (they make darling birth announcements too!).

As I was trying to come up with a new type of felt party hat over the last several weeks (always want to create and innovate over here), I thought of something I had not seen before: embroidered felt party hats! Yes, simple hand-stitched designs. I loved the simplicity, the classic look, and I am in love with how well they coordinate with the stitched invitations--perfection! The shape of the hat itself is a bit different than our last line, and we absolutely love it.

I also wanted to offer a felt party hat that was a bit more budget-friendly than our previous line, yet equally stylish and darling, and the stitched felt party hats fit the bill perfectly! Miss Jane, the same talented artist who makes those gorgeous felt crowns and capelets for us, is the creator of these fabulous hats for Kate Landers Events, LLC. Her talent seems to be endless!

For only $11.50 each (YES! You are reading that correctly) you can have a custom hand-made stitched felt party hat. As we have mentioned before these hats make terrific family heirlooms, and don't break the bank.

More stitched felt party hat designs will be coming soon, but we are all about creating a custom design for you and your party--so contact us at with your special request, and we will respond as promptly as possible to discuss your options!

And don't think that we abandoned all felt party hats entirely--we are offering a new line of those as well. The first sample for you was a custom order for a client, simple, clean, classic and fun. It features a hand-stitched number (which of course can be changed to whatever letter or number you want it to be!), and a fun "party ball" theme, which can of course be made in your own custom color-scheme to match your party.

You will notice that these hats are also priced a bit lower than our previous line, trying to offer you the same terrific style, but at a price that allows you to get that custom t-shirt or bunting too! Only $14.50 each.

These darling felt hats are now available for purchase in our shoppe!

Now believe it or not, this isn't the new product line I was going to blog about today--you'll just have to wait for that one!!!


Shawna said...

More gorgeousness!!
Thank you for the kind words you left on my really means a lot coming from you!!


Two Penny Parties said...

These are beautiful!!

Am I the only one who wishes party hats came in a brown waffle cone pattern with felt "ice cream drippings" on them? The silliness of it would be so great for a kid's birthday!! :-)

Love this blog btw!!

felt accessories said...

like the way you design it....

Tania Tangri said...

I love these felt hats.. very cute and neat.