Monday, May 24, 2010

Princess Party Inspiration

Planning a party for your birthday princess?

We thought we would highlight for you the latest and greatest princess party treats from Kate Landers Events, LLC.

Our darling princess crown is adorned with a paper star which can be personalized to read "Princess Charlotte" or whatever name you choose! The flowing ribbons and gold trim truly make this a charming birthday crown.

If you prefer a crown that can be worn long after the party is over, our beautiful custom rose felt crown is a beauty.

Available with matching capelet and wand, in a variety of colors to match your princess party color-scheme. We find the wands to make charming party favors as well!

Looking for regal favor packaging? We love our old fashioned party favor crackers, adorned with a paper star, gold crown and beautiful bows to tie in the trinkets you stick inside. Available in colors shown, but custom color combinations are available as well!

How about a whimsical edible wand? Our old fashioned taffy wands are sure to please, and not only make lovely favors, but also are true beauties on any sweet display table. We just stocked up in the yummiest new colors and flavors, so please inquire and see if we have your favorite!

The best part? We can personalize the old fashioned taffy wand wrappers for you with custom artwork, photographs and colored ink! Please e-mail us at for more information.

I still adore a classic party hat, and our festoon trimmed party hat is no exception here. Available in stripes or polka dots, in a variety of colors with your choice of "Birthday Princess," "Birthday Girl" or your child's name, these are sure to be cherished (I store mine under bell jars for darling decoration!).

A birthday princess deserves a birthday ribbon--which is darling displayed on a ribbon board to remind the birthday girl of that special celebration day after day!

Of course Kate Landers Events, LLC, has some of the most charming princess party ideas up our sleeves!


Brandi said...

Love this theme, too cute!

Anonymous said...

Im a new follower... love all your ideas! The taffy wands look amazing! Im looking for any ideas to incorporate the little mermaid for my daughters 2nd birthday!

Free Pretty Things For You said...

SO beautiful!!!!!
im getting everything ready for my little princess' b day coming up on aug. 5ht! omg cant wait!!