Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birthday Bunting

Party Tip Week: Birthday Bunting

I adore bunting, I consider it a staple at every event I design! Therefore, I recommend birthday bunting be used at your next party, to add a classic, traditional, old-fashioned charm, that will add a personal touch to the celebration.

Bunting is beautiful not only inside, but also outdoors! Perfect for summer soirees!

I love party products that can be used again and again, therefore I wanted to design a line of bunting that would be perfect for the party, and then go straight to the bedroom or playroom to serve as a decoration to be adored year-round!

Coming soon is our custom personalized paper bunting, which is fabulous to personalize your party space, and at a reasonable cost! I love the huge variety of patterns, designs and colors, to really customize your event!

Our luxe bunting, featuring fine wale corduroy and velveteen fabrics, is exquisite, and beautiful from party to play space! It also offers a more eco-friendly decoration, that doesn't end up in the trash but lasts for years!

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Ivona said...

Kate, I always enjoy the simple elegance of your products :)