Sunday, July 25, 2010


*IMPORTANT NOTE: The file links below only allow so many uploads per day, and we are already well over capacity in under an hour!!!...I am thrilled and honored that SOOOO many of you have tried to upload these darling printable files!

However I am terribly sorry for the trouble.

Until further notice, if you are having trouble uploading the files, please leave me a comment on this post with your e-mail address I can send you the file(s) to (I will not publish the comment containing your e-mail), and please specify in your comment if you want pink, blue, or both!

Then over the next couple of days I will be e-mailing out the files for those of you who aren't successful.

It's good to be back!

Wow! Thank you *ALL* for helping Kate Landers Events, LLC, establish over 1000 wonderful facebook fans for our debut {Tuesday Giveaway}! Your dedication, kindness, thoughtfulness and support are so very much appreciated.

Therefore, instead of just posting the most requested gingham bunting (pink or blue) color (or instead of e-mailing it to you individually), I am going to, as an extra special "thank you", share with you BOTH! That's right, you can now print both files, the pink AND the blue bunting printables, for your next event!

These precious party flags are only going to be listed for a very short period of time, so please be sure and upload yours as soon as possible!

Also, I would absolutely *love* to see photos of how you use them for your next event...and possibly feature you and your photo on our blog, so please do share!

Pink Gingham Bunting

Blue Gingham Bunting

A gentle reminder that these printables are for *personal use only*, and are not to be sold, redistrubuted, shared, reproduced, used commercially, or altered in any way for resale.

Thank you so VERY, VERY much again! And don't worry, I haven't forgotten the second part of our special debut {Tuesday Giveaway}! The winner of that will be announced soon.

Enjoy, and again many thanks!


Petite Marie said...

Thanks Kate!
I'm not sure if it's just me, but I got an error when trying to open the file from the links you posted...
Just an FYI...

Heather said...

I could not get the download. You can send it to my business email.

Thanks so much,

Kate Landers Events, LLC © 2009 said...

Dearest Friends and Fans,

Thank you kindly for your requests for the files! My greatest apologies for the upload server I selected not being able to manage the large number of people trying to upload the gingham bunting printable pdf files! I just caught up e-mailing everyone who requested the files here as a comment (I did not publish them, only deleted) or for those of you who have requested on facebook. If you would still like to receive them (or didn't receive even though you left a comment), please leave a comment with the correct e-mail address of where you would like the files sent! Thank you!

Amanda said...

Hi there, I would love the blue gingham bunting for a Wizard of Oz themed party I'm throwing for my mom in two days! (YIKES!) lol Please send files to amandaraefox {at} gmail {dot} com

Bronwyn said...

Thank you Kate. I used the blue gingham printable to create tiny cake bunting to decorate the table at my son's 3rd birthday party. Here's how it turned out;
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi I would like to have a copy of your gingham bunting, my son will be having his 1st birthday in two weeks and I would like to use this bunting, thanks.

Olivia said...

Dear Kate,

I have tried to load so many times but it is taking a long time. Please send the pink gingham buntings to I'll send u some photos of my daughter's 1st party!! I need it urgently by 20th. thanks again.

Twin Mommy said...

Hi Kate, I'd love the PDF of the Pink Gingham bunting for my twins Cowgirl themed birthday. My email is