Friday, July 30, 2010

Kate Landers Events, LLC {Party Tip Friday}

It's {Party Tip Friday} at Kate Landers Events, LLC!

Today's tip is short and simple, but I find incredibly helpful.

Kate's Party Tip: Do Party Set Up And Prep Work BEFORE The Day Of The Party.

Sounds so simple, right? Yet we all know it isn't always as easy as it sounds.

It is incredibly helpful, for when I design parties, or when friends, family or fans do their own parties, to give yourself time.

I can't stress enough how many hiccups may arise when you are getting ready the morning of the party, and by setting up the night before (or even days before, if you can), the relief is tremendous, and you will often allow yourself to ENJOY the party so much more--you are the hostess, and do deserve to take joy in the celebration, after all!

I suggest the following:

1) Putting together party favors in advance. If you have a spare bedroom, even a clean laundry room where you can lay things out and keep the door shut safe from sticky fingers, this is great to have a special place designated for storing all the party treats.

2) If using tissue poms or other decorations that require assembly, do the assembly early--maybe while watching tv or during nap time. And if you do the tissue poms, be sure to store them hanging as opposed to sitting somewhere--they will look the most fresh, crisp and beautiful if you don't let them touch the ground or a flat surface (I learned this one the hard way!)

3) Confirm rentals, cake orders, foral arrangements, etc, a few days before the party. This will help make sure that your orders are correct, that they have the proper delivery address or pick up time, to give you peace of mind.

There are several more tips, but these are three that I hope will help you greatly.

And again, they may sound so incredibly obvious, but it is actually taking the time to follow and implement them, where you will see that they can be a bit more challenging than you first thought. I am the first one to admit to that!

Hope you enjoyed these!

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Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Such a simple but excellent tip.

For my son's 1st birthday party, I planned to set up and do all of the grocery shopping the day before, and then focus on cooking & enjoying time with my family the day of...well, we had a family friend pass away, and his funeral was the day before (out of town). Meaning I had to shop, set up, and cook, all on the day of! Yikes.

Hopefully I won't ever have to do that again!

tjdoyle said...

Weekly tips would be great! I'm always interested in learning new things to improve my party planning skills.


The Seaman Family said...

Great tip! It's definately stressful if you do everything on the day of the party. I would love to see weekly tips as well. Keep them coming!