Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kate Landers Events, LLC, Special Feature: {Sea-Inspired Sweets} Part I

The sweets featured in the Mystical Mermaid Party dessert table, are so spectacular, they were worthy of their own post (as well as their creators)! Because there are so many spectacular treats, the sea-inspired sweets will be broken into two features.

{Sweet Petal Bakery}

I almost fell off my chair when I discovered the stunning edible works of art at Sweet Petal Bakery. They are absolutely mind-blowing!

The succulents are spectacular, don't you think?

And her flowers are out of this world. Check out her Hibiscus and Peony!

She took an image I gave her of sea urchins, and brought it to life into the most perfect, edible stack of soft coral-pink sea urchins I ever imagined. She even added her own brilliant touch, having them go from lighter to darker, urchin-to-urchin. Genius!

Her talent doesn't end there. She also created the 3 sea anemones for the top of the mermaid cake!

They too, were in three shades: one a soft white, the next with faint touches of coral-pink, and the last stronger coral-pink. It turned out beautiful!

And this isn't where her lovely work for the Mystical Mermaid Party dessert table ends! She also created the gorgeous clam shells, each with a sugared pearl inside.

 I am left speechless on this one!

I highly recommend Sweet Petal Bakery if you are looking for outstanding creations such as these. As her work is incredibly detailed, I suggest you allow yourself plenty of time to order.

{Fusion Sweets}

The marshmallows by Asian Desserts and Cookies Baked By Fusion Sweets are like none other I have seen nor tasted. For the "sea sponges" I knew I wanted something pourous, and these delights were just the thing.

I requested the grasshopper chocolate peppermint ones, oh MY goodness, they were delightful!

To turn them into sea sponges, they created them with bubbles in them, subtle but perfect. I then dusted them with lots of powdered sugar, and poked numerous holes in them with the wider and pointier ends of a toothpick, and this is how they turned out!

Perfection! And the best part? The aroma, the taste! One of the most creative of all sweets on the table, I think.

Fusion Sweets also sent me a gorgeous small pale pink rose infused marshmallow--amazing!

They have so many unbelievable edible treasures, I love the look of these Not So Boring Vanilla Bean Marshmallows!

 Fusion Sweets is another place I highly recommend for your next dessert table!!!!

{Two Sugar Babies}

Two Sugar Babies creates darling edible cupcake toppers, and are as sweet as their creations! I was blown away with the spectacular 3-dimensional light pink octopi cupcake toppers they created for my Mystical Mermaid Party dessert table. One of the most darling of all the mermaid sweets!!!!

You should see some of their other work, the creativity and clean, classic style is just *amazing*!

These owl cupcake toppers are such a hoot!

And I love these superhero cupcake toppers, too!

Just adorable work, Two Sugar Babies! They are gaining momentum fast, I suggest ordering before they become too famous!

{Sparkles Kitchen}

Sparkles Kitchen created the yummiest, light sponge-like and sweet petite french madeleines which I turned into "scallop shells" for the Mystical Mermaid Party dessert table.

Their petite french madeleines were packaged air-tight and have such a natural appearance. They were perfect when paired with soft sugared pearls and raw-sugar sand.

What I can't wait to order next from Sparkles Kitchen, are they incredible french macarons!!!

Check out the brilliant colors!

Sparkles Kitchen has a wide variety of gorgeous treats you simply must check out for yourself!!!

{Cocoa Confections}

Cocoa Confections created the beautiful chocolate dipped pretzel rods, in a beautiful soft pink/white and light brown/white swirled patterns.

They were supposed to be like swirly sea spike seashells, and she couldn't have done a more perfect job!

She also included some darling chocolate sand dollars, which were spread around the base of the mermaid cake!

When I first visited her shop, there were mostly just the pretzel rods, so upon my most recent visit I was blown away to find all the new treats she added!!!! You will have to hop over to Cocoa Confections yourself to see all the new treats!

That is all for the first installment of the Sea-Inspired Sweets featured in my Mystical Mermaid Party dessert table!

I hope you will join me in supporting their talent and beautiful work. They deserve many compliements and praise for their spectacular creations!

A special thank you to each and every one of you featured today!!! 


Natasha @ FĂȘte Fanatic said...

I'm speechless at all of it! Ok one word..Amazing!!

A Blissful Nest said...

Oh the desserts were all like pieces of art. Gorgeous!

Not Just A Mommy! said...

This is the reason why I'm online so much, if I haven't said it enough, you've blown us all away, it is all so gorgeous!

That's why I have a blog award for you, please come visit!

Tania McCartney said...

This mermaid party is absolutely breathtaking. Great work.