Thursday, October 28, 2010

Little Ladybug Dessert Table {Stylish Guest Party Feature}

Corinne recently launched her own business, Style My Party, and was kind enough to allow me to share with you her little ladybug dessert table!

I absolutely adore the little suitcase that Corinne creatively used to dislay her lolly bags in! The red works perfect with the spotted interior, allowing the sweet light pink mini spotted bags with little favor tags and pins to shine! 

Candied apples are gorgeous, and with it being the week of Halloween I couldn't resist featuring this party that uses them for an event completely unrelated to the holiday! One of my favorite things about this photograph is how it features that Corinne not only used candied apples but also a red colander (darling touch!) with fresh apples too, for those who prefer the more natural kind! What a *lovely* idea!!!!

Corinne shows that there is more than one use for a pretty decorating baking cup--such as using them for popcorn! The little polka dot theme is carried throughout with the design of the baking cups she used here, as well as the pink and red color-scheme. I also like how she has the long, narrow container featuring some of her candy (they look like pink marshmallow antennae to me!) as opposed to everything being vertical and clear glass--a bit more unique!

Corinne designed her own little signs for her dessert table, and I am in love with this idea of displaying them on mini easels! The chocolate ladybug is a cute touch, too. We enjoy chocolate ladybugs here for Valentine's's nice to see them used outside of that holiday.

And finally, the entire table presentation! Corinne used pennant flags in front and a custom banner in back (I haven't seen two strands of bunting used at once like this before, it is a unique twist and works well for this, especially as the tablecloth doesn't cover the front of the table--she allowed the pennant flags to serve that purpose instead!). Love the polka dot paper lanterns, too!!! Note: there is no birthday cake, and nothing on the cupcake stand! However, I want to point out how the empty cupcake stand sprinkled with chocolate ladybugs actually stood out as a decoration as opposed to a means of displaying desserts: very unique!

Some notes to take away:

1. Mini wooden easels are a charming way to display your dessert table signs.

2. Carrying three related themes all at once can work well, if you keep them each very simple: in this case, Corinne used the actual ladybug theme, a polka dot theme, and a pink and red theme, and it all pulled together nicely.

3. Don't be afraid to experiment with different types of vessels for your desserts, such as the long and low container with the pink marshmallow "antennae" as I call them! Another great example: the red colander, and the mini red suitcase, and cupcake stand. Corinne used these four different containers and display items and they added loads of charm to her table.

4. A fresh idea: serve fresh fruit as well as the candied kind, to appeal to the different tastes of your guests.

5. There is more than one use for a baking cup; Corinne proved that using hers to store popcorn as opposed to the traditional cupcakes!

6. If your table linen just covers the tabletop, consider using pennant flags across the front edge of the table. And to bring your eyes up, you can still use a personalized banner. Using the combination of triangles and squares worked well here.

THANK YOU for sharing your DARLING dessert table, Corinne! You can visit Corinne on facebook here, her shop here and blog here.

{Credits: Images courtesy of Center of Attention Photography. Pennant flags by Paper Eskimo, Paper Lanterns from Pink Frosting, printables by Style My Party}

And lastly... a couple lessons I have been learning with dessert tables I have been working on (since we are on the topic of dessert tables today!):

a) Press your linens before putting them on the tabletop. Then, be sure to bring a handheld steamer to steam out any wrinkles that may inevitably occur during the process of setting up.

b) I personally recommend using floor length table linens, unless the table itself is a decorative piece all its own.

c)  If the table is dark in color, consider putting a lining under the fabric tablecloth so the dark wood doesn't show through.

Yes, I am still learning a lot each and every time I create a dessert table, and hope to share with you my lessons along the way!

What lessons have you learned in designing dessert tables?


Shawna said...

Did I miss your collaboration with tomkat....or is it on your other blog?

Andrea said...

Bring a spare linen and extra vessels just in case. If a vessel cracks in transit, you'll be throwing out the candy in there so remember additional candies as well.

Always line a client's dessert table with a waterproof table cloth under your linen. This is especially true for children's parties to protect the furniture from spills.

Susan @ Entertain Exchange said...

Just lovely!

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mom22 said...

This is absolutely adorable! So sweet!

Candy and Cake said...

Oh, that is so sweet. Love the pink and red combo and the little ladybugs! Super cute! :)

Candy and Cake said...

Can I share this on my blog?