Thursday, October 7, 2010

Preferred Planners & Vendors At Kate Landers Events, LLC

You may have noted my mention of this concept several weeks back, and then recently mentioned how I had a partial solution to not being able to fulfill the demands for my work...well, here it is, the big reveal!

I have been working for months now on creating a preferred planner and vendor list that would allow you, my beloved clients and friends, to be able to locate the very best children's party planners and vendors worldwide to help you with your children's celebrations (yes, I need to add a globe to the page!)

I am so blessed to have the most amazing clients and look forward to adding to my client list as I can. However, because I am so detailed in each event I design taking much time I am therefore limited as to how many fabulous custom events I can create.  I wanted to be able to continue to work toward my goal: celebrating the lives of each and every child, one party at a time!

Thus, I felt it was in the best interest of this goal, to reach out to the absolute most talented and extraordinary children's party planners, photographers, cake designers & bakery boutiques; floral stylists, dessert table masters, exquisite rental companies--everyone to help make your event as stylish as possible. I know how important referrals are to me, and they mean even more when they come from someone with a style and taste I adore, and who I can trust.

{In many cases, I may be able to collaborate with these preferred planners and vendors, giving you the best of both worlds! }

I have hand-picked those you see on the list, and there are several more lined up to join this elite group. I am corresponding with each and every preferred planner and vendor personally, building a professional relationship and partnership, and have found the experience to be enlightening and a great joy!

 I have gone to great lengths to find the absolute best around the world, often referred to or featured by others, bringing them to the limelight. I have worked with some of the preferred planners and vendors already, and hope to have the opportunity to do so with each and every one in the future!

The extraordinary talent, passion and creativity is what I find the uniting factor among everyone on the list. Everyone I have spoken to absolutely loves what they do, and feels grateful to have turned their passion into their career.

I hope you will be able to take a moment and visit the websites of some of those on the list thus far. You will continue to see me feature them and add new and fresh talent as I discover them.

It is an absolute honor and privilege to have been given the opportunity to connect with each and every preferred planner and vendor, and I am thrilled to share them with you!

{Side Note: I cannot endorse nor represent in any way shape or form, any of the preferred planners or vendors on my list; their actions, policies, liabilities are not the responsibility of nor are they associated in any way with Kate Landers Events, LLC.}

***A special thank you to Abby of Style Me Pretty, for being the inspiration for this idea. She has the most spectacular "Little Black Book" of preferred vendors for weddings, and it was part of my inspiration for creating my own preferred planner and vendor list specifically pertaining to those who I believe do extraordinary work for children's events.***

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