Friday, October 1, 2010

Who Captured Kate Landers Events, LLC, Mystical Mermaid Party {Spotlight on Open Shade Studios}

To end a week of features pertaining to my newest {signature party}, the Mystical Mermaid Party, I thought it would be spectacular to highlight someone who was an instrumental part in bringing you all of those gorgeous images of inspiration!

As many of you may know, an event designer such as myself can provide the subject matter to be photographed.

However, capturing it properly bringing everything to life, requires the work of a highly-skilled photographer, someone with an artistic eye and passion for what they do.

For my Mystical Mermaid Party, I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to work with someone who did just that. She is one of the most kind, beautiful, down-to-earth people I have ever met, and yet while she comes across as someone you could chat with for hours while sipping iced tea on the porch--don't let her fool you--she is loaded with spunk and above all, incredible talent. This is a photographer with a truly enormous gift.

Andréa Winchenbaugh, Open Shade Studios

I interviewed the lovely Andréa and she shared some very insightful answers. Read on!

Q: How did you come up with the name, Open Shade Studios?

 "Open Shade" is a lighting term in photography. It is when a subject is in a wide open space that is shaded from direct sunlight. It is my favorite type of lighting and it creates beautiful portraits."

Q:  How long has this been your passion?

"Photography has been my passion since I was a little girl. I started taking Polaroid pictures of my pets when I was 8 years old! My interest continued through junior high and then I took my first photography class in high school. During my freshman year, my parents gave me my very first Canon camera and a passion was born. I took that camera everywhere with me! I was always taking pictures of my friends, giving people prints, making albums. At that point it was just something that I loved to do but I never thought I would be so lucky to do it as my full time job."

Q: What it is about photographing children and celebrations that you love?

"I have always loved children and have always been able to connect with them and make them laugh. My favorite thing about photographing children and celebrations is capturing the emotion and excitement in a childs face...that sparkle in their eye. When people are celebrating something, there are always great stories that bring on emotion, and presents that make their eyes smile....that is what I love to capture. I also love to preserve the details of the day. Parents put so much time and effort into planning wonderful celebrations for their kids that I love to document those details as well so that they are never forgotten."

Q: How do you balance being a mother and your business? Any tips for other moms trying to do the same thing?

"That is the million dollar question! It is definitely harder than I thought it would be, but being able to make my own schedule is such a gift. I love being a mom to my 1 year old son Mathieu, and after working in corporate America for 10 years, I feel so blessed to be able to do work that inspires me that I truly love. I hesitate to even call it "work"!

When I first opened my studio I found myself taking on any job, at any time, anywhere, and I think that became a little to crazy. My advice to other moms who are trying to do the same thing is to make a schedule as if you were working for someone else. Schedule your work time and your home time (even if your office is in your house). If you stick to the same schedule each week, it helps to organize your mind so that you can be 100% present when you are with your family, and in turn, will give 100% to your work during those hours. The anxiety of thinking about all of the work you have to do and wondering when you will ever get to it goes away.

Q: Do you travel for clients?

Yes! I do portrait sessions, celebrations and event photography on-location as well as in my studio in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

If you are in the greater Boston area, I highly recommend you contact Andréa for your next family portrait (holiday cards!) or special celebration!!!

Reach her by e-mail...

Reach her by phone... 978. 443.1000

Visit her website...
 {Special Offer from Open Shade Studios}

Andréa is kind enough to offer you a very special offer. Book your session by October 15th, and receive $30.00 off your first print order!
Thank you again, Andréa, for your amazing work!

And thank each and every one of you who have been so supportive of my Mystical Mermaid Party, it is a true blessing, thank you!

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