Friday, November 5, 2010

{Giveaway Winners} and Big Fish vs. Little Fish

First, time to announce some giveaway winners!!!!

For the gorgeous set of 8 custom fairy tiaras from Tradewind Tiaras... the winner was announced awhile back...LETICIA!!!!

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For the giveaway from Sweet Little Birdy...the winner is....

Kristen, please e-mail asap to claim your fabulous prize!!!!

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For a little blog post today, I wanted to share with you something I have been thinking about lately, due to an increase in the number of e-mails and phone calls I have received from fellow party designers, graphic designers, and all the other many creative company in which I am so bleed to be surrounded by!

I have heard so often lately the concern about the recent flood of new children's party designers/planners/stylists, dessert table designers, and party printable designers.

There has been doubt, fear, disappointment, discouragement, frustration, anger, sadness, and many other feelings that have been expressed to me (and of course, don't think I don't ever feel these things myself!).

What I would like to propose is this: You may have been a Big Fish in a Small Pond.

Now, the pond is rapidly getting larger. You may start to feel like a Small Fish in a Big Pond. And that is a perfectly okay place to be!!! However...

This change is incredibly difficult, it can shift everything, and as a person who is personally attached to my own business, I know first hand the emotional roller coaster this can put you on.

There is still another scenario that hasn't been mentioned, and one I want to encourage you with:

There is still room for a Big Fish in a Big Pond....make take awhile to grow and get there, but it is possible.

As a matter of fact, I believe there is room for many big fish in the big pond!

Just some food for thought.


JenniB said...

I think that is really good advice. I also hope people who have been in this industry take time to remember what it was like starting out. There are a whole group of new designers, event planners and bloggers who are trying to make their first few dollars doing something they love. Instead of being angry and frustrated we could all possibly remember what it was like when we first entered into this field (the difficulties/long hours/nervousness) and try to support others to an extent with positive words/advice.

While it might scare some people, the fact that the job market is currently growing means that the demand for this type of industry is growing as well. Eventually it may be a saturated market, but for those people who take this new rush of designers as inspiration to work harder and produce more/better quality work then they will eventually rise to the top.

The Savvy Moms Guide said...

Thank You for sharing....Love this perspective. Smiles~

Creative Productions said...

Congratulations to the winners, so such cute prizes.
Big Fish...Small Fish you are so clever Kate. Big Fishes feed off of Small Fishes and Small Fishes grow into Big Fishes......just a cycle that will always keep you on your toes. Time will always does and if you do what you love and love what you do no matter if your a Big Fish or a Small Fish just be the best Fish to yourself and to your clients that you can be. Me I prefer being a Fat Fish; full of a love of what I do, gratitude to those who help me bring my passion to reality, those I can help by paying it forward, a passion for my business and to always exceed my client's expectations with humbleness. This is why I do what I do.

Kori Clark said...

Love the post and the responses! Jenni, so true! Kate, it's all perspective and attitude, love it! Carolyn...just adore you. Period. Do what you love and encourage others to do what they all works out in the end!

Shelley said...

Kate, you are the cutest. :) Seriously. You make me smile. -Shelley {}

Shawna said...

Love it Kate.....there is so much talent put there...and I am sure it is frustrating especially for those who depend on the income....but I think it is important to stay with your passion and you will always find happiness. I have been in the field of child development for 22 years and I love what I do even though I know I could have made a lot more money in other fields......I love being happy and would not tradenthat for anything (:

Cupcakes and Lemonade said...

Kate: Thank you so so much for your "Big Fish, Little Fish" post. I needed to hear this today. I have just started my own party planning/designing business, literally just weeks ago. As a little fish, it is a bit intimidating, yet inspiring to see posts and pictures of parties, invites, etc that the "Big Fish" have designed. I know that often people feel angry when the newbies have questions or ask for advice from the "old timers". We are just trying to learn too. I think it is exciting to see so many creative people doing what they love to do. I agree with what Jenni B said, "the support and positive words" mean so much. Thank you for ALWAYS being supportive of the "little fish." You are an inspiration!