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{Exclusive Interview} with Jina of Utlimately Plush

Every now and then I am introduced to a new blog that I am giddy about discovering. Utlimately Plush is one of those.

It captured me with the gorgeous design of the blog itself, spectacularly artistic blog features and gorgeous and sophisticated children's parties and products it featured.

I recently had the delightful opportunity to interview Jina, the designer behind this beautiful blog, and learn much more about her and other parts of her business you may never have been aware of!

{Question} Tell us a little bit about PLUSH, LLC. How did it come about?

{Answer} PLUSH is an acronym for “Posh Little Urbanites Show” and is an event showcasing the best baby and toddler products and party services.

It’s open to the entire family and will be at the beautiful Vibiana in Downtown Los Angeles, Sunday, June 5, 2011.

The idea came to me the day of my baby shower for our second baby boy. I remembered being to so many wedding shows and I thought, why not have a trade show that celebrates the entire family? Stay in touch with the blog and you’ll get more exciting tidbits as we get closer to the show!

                                     {image from Orbit Baby}

{Question} You have a fabulous and sophisticated new blog on children's events, Ultimately Plush {a personal new favorite}. What was your inspiration for starting this blog, and what do you look for in the parties you select to feature?

{Answer} I started Ultimately Plush as a way of spreading the word about PLUSH, but it quickly began to take a life of its own and now I thoroughly enjoy Ultimately Plush for its own identity.

                                                                  {image found here}

I look for unique and creative ideas, top of the line products and gorgeous party photos that pay close attention to the fine details.

                                             {images by Troy Grover Photographers}

{Question} From your blog it is evident, you have a strong background in design. Tell us a little bit more about yourself, your education, background, and how you got to where you are today!

{Answer} Art and design inspired me at a very early age, but I guess it really started taking flight in middle school at the Marlborough School for girls, where I was lucky enough to be encouraged to pursue art. I went on to study Graphic Design at the Art Center in Pasadena and also received a degree in Fashion Design from F.I.D.M.

Outside of my design studies, I have a BA in Sociology from UCLA, where I also studied Communications and Women’s Studies. Given my background, I think it is safe to say that Ultimately Plush is a culmination of my early art inspiration, my design training, a perspective from my studies at UCLA and the daily inspiration I get from being a mom!

                                         {image via Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations}

{Question} Tell us a little bit about PLUSH Show.

{Answer} The PLUSH show is truly a unique idea. Parents are really getting into creating beautiful parties for their children, while also looking for the best products.

It’s going to be an event where resources are found and lots of questions answered for many parents.

{Pam and Melisa of Project Nursery}

{Question} Your taste is exquisite, let's get to know your style a bit better:

 *Your favorite colors pale blue and cream

Your favorite brand of clothing (for you) I wear different labels and they change as my taste in colors & styles change, but my favorite brand for shoes would have to be Christian Louboutin ~ LOVE!!

 *Your favorite brand of clothing (for children) We love to mix the styles that our boys wear and those styles change with their hair styles! Some favorites include J Crew or Baby Gap for lounging around the house and nap time, Jacadi or Burberry for special occasions, and Diesel, Ralph Lauren, Zara, or Quicksilver for everyday wear.

                                 {cake by Pink Cake Box}

*Your favorite online shop  Layla Grayce, and

*Your favorite print magazines you read every month? I love magazines of all kinds, but my current subscriptions include InStyle, Vogue, Elle, Elle Decor, C Magazine and Parent!

 *How would you describe your taste in terms of home decor? Hmm... I would have to say Traditional, with a mix of contemporary & French country pieces. I LOVE the pale french blue and cream color scheme.

                                      {image found here}

{Question} What are your favorite blogs and sites to read on a daily basis?

{Answer} My favorite blogs are all on our Ultimately Plush blogroll titled “Our Creative Friends.” I’m looking forward to adding many more onto that list, but others include Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas, lushlee, Merci New York, and of course, Style Me Pretty!

                         {cake pops by Sweet and Saucy Shop}

{Question} If you had to list the 5 most inspirational event stylists, who would they be, and what makes them a part of your top 5 {tough one, I know!}?

{Answer} Wow, this really is a tough one! There are so many, but aside from Kate Landers for your amazing children’s party decors, here are my other personal favorites:

1. Mindy Weiss 2. Amy Atlas 3. Preston Bailey 4. Colin Cowie 5. Beth Helmstetter ~ They are true geniuses. They have their own unique styles, and they are some of the top trendsetters in the industry.

{image by Justin Lee}

{Question} Dessert tables are such a trend right now, especially making their way into children's events. What do you see being the next big trend in children's event styling?

{Answer} Dessert tables have transcended trend status and have now become necessities, but I think the next big trend is going to be activities for the entire family - like fun photo booths that allow the whole family to play dress up or activity tables like decorating cupcakes or cookies!

                                   {image via Sweets Indeed}

{Question} What do you most enjoy when styling an event?
{Answer} Just seeing the actual event come together as it becomes its own beautiful creation is so much fun. But, I love designing invitations - they set the tone for the entire party! And of course, when it’s all done, I love looking at all the party photos!

                                   {image by Laura Winslow Photography}

{Question}  Many readers are interested in starting their own children's party planning business or online shop. What advice would you offer them, based on your experience in the industry and from observing others?

{Answer} Just go for it! If you think you have a good idea, or want to start something even as a hobby, don’t hesitate. Hesitating only wastes time. Also, invest in taking some professional photos of your work. It’s the only thing that will last & the best way to build your portfolio.

                           {image by Don & David Photography}

{Question} With your background and eye for posh design, what advice do you have for moms looking to make their next child's birthday party more luxurious?

{Answer} Choosing a theme really is the key to children’s parties, and also staying within the theme throughout all the designs. A theme can be something as simple as color.

 Also, do some research and look at the little details of events done by professionals like Kate Landers, and use those ideas to make them your own by adding your own little touch!

{Question} Many people ask how much work goes into a blog. Your blog in particular, features incredibly stylish frames and extra details within each post. How much time goes into your blog each day? What advice would you have for those who wish to have a successful blog of their own?

{Answer} An Ultimately Plush blog post usually takes from two to three hours of actual work time because of the little details I put into them. I really appreciate the incredible work behind all the photos I feature, and it’s become my hobby to present them in the best way that I can. I think a successful blog comes solely from your dedication to it.

{Question} Finding a balance between family and work has been the ultimate struggle for many. Do you have any tips or techniques to help you manage stress, and keep your priorities in order?

{Answer} It really is difficult to find that balance, and I am amazed by people like Katie Holmes who even with their busy lives, start a couture clothing line for girls and now moms, but I realized that moms can find that extra drive and lasting inspiration from their children. I also usually only work when my boys are asleep or taking their naps, and feel blessed that they’re good sleepers! Aside from that, I love getting facials and massages at a spa to relax.

{Question} What are your future goals? Any sneak previews of what you have in store for us? Any hints you can share?

{Answer} We in the middle of a huge giveaway event called “Twelve Days of PLUSH,” where we are giving away some amazing prizes for parents through December 12th!

It is really fun as there is a winner every day, and I’m hoping this will cheer everyone up and get them excited for the holidays!!! {Prizes include a diaper bag from Petunia Picklebottom, a Learning Partner's Little Tower & Art Easel, a Trumpette Gift Set and many more!!!}

Aside from that, I will be focusing a lot of my attention on the PLUSH show starting in January, and will be updating everyone on our participating sponsors and exhibitors. It will be really exciting!

Many thanks to Jina for taking the time to share with us so much about her blog and business!!!
                            {image by Justin Lee}
You can keep in touch with Jina here for the most up-to-date details on all things Plush, including TODAY'S GIVEAWAY on her blog!!!


Jina Park said...

Thank you so much Kate for this wonderful feature! We love Kate Landers Events, LLC!! xoxo~

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Wow, amazing blog and amazing feature! It's a wonder how modern moms have the time to raise families and still be so innovative and creative in their business models!!!

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Hey Kate! I am loving PLUSH thanks for sharing!

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Great blog entry. Love the photos! PLUSH is a very cool idea for parents who like to be in the know on style and events! :)

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I just discovered utlimately plush and it is a great resource!

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i recently discovered Ultimately Plush and love everything about it - the well written & informative posts, the creative layout, the beautiful colors, all the pretty pictures!! thanks for featuring, this was a great read! i really enjoyed learning more about the designer behind this blog and look forward to attending PLUSH next year.

Lily James said...

I love Ultimately Plush~! It's such a great blog for many moms and event planners to receive great ideas for their kids and know about some of the exclusive products out there for babies!

Anonymous said...

I love that I got to discover PLUSH, just in time for those fun giveaways! This blog is a go-to site for everything from ideas for event planning to the best products for babies. I never have to think about what gifts to get for all those baby showers! Thank you for sharing!

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Ultimately Plush is a wonderful blog! Love the amazing products and ideas that you share with us! Thank you!

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I love PLUSH and the interview!