Friday, February 4, 2011

KatyJane Designs in 2011

It brings me such joy to share with you an update on our preferred sponsor, KatyJane Designs! I adore their work, and had fun coordinating this short interview to see what they are up to in the new year!

{Question} For those readers who missed your first feature, please tell us a bit about KatyJane Designs!

We’re all about bringing beautiful stationery to life. Born from a mutual love of stationery, design, our children and friendship, KatyJane Designs was launched in 2009. Our range includes personalised invitations, fill-in invitation sets, baby stationery, greeting and birthday cards, tags, ribbon, small gifts and wrap. Our designs to date have been vintage inspired and products developed with quality, affordability and the environment front of mind.

{Question} What are your goals for KatyJane Designs in 2011, and what steps do you plan on taking to achieve them?

Trading places – I’m just back from a great road trip visiting family and friends around the UK and France and Jane has just moved to London for 18 months with her family. So our goal in 2011 is to continue to spread the word of KatyJane Designs both nationally and internationally!

{Question} What are some hints about new products and designs you will be releasing later this year?

We are still in the planning stages, but designs and products for the grown-ups may make an appearance this year, so watch this space...

{Question} What do you love most about your job?

 Our range of products are ultimately about giving and sending a message of love and happiness the old fashioned way – receiving a colour envelope in the post and opening it up to reveal an invitation or card is still a joy for children and adults alike. So it would have to be bringing a smile to someone’s face - we receive so many very kind compliments from our customers, which makes it all worthwhile.

{Question} What is your greatest source of creative inspiration?

 It would have to be our children (Maisy & Finlay and Addy & Hannah) who were the original inspiration for our first range of personalised invitations. Our children are the focus of our lives right now and so it’s lovely to produce a product centred around them and for other children and their parents. We are also inspired by beautiful fabrics, wallpapers and the beautiful world around us.
Many thanks to Katy and Jane for this update!  You can find them online here.

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