Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Classic Baby Dedication Celebration

Noah's Baby Dedication was a most important event in our lives, well worth an intimate celebration.

The inspiration for the theme was all Noah.

While pregnant with Noah, I felt an extreme wave of peace wash over me, and my life was changed forever. That sense of peace was strong, and even my husband Ryan felt it too. We always loved the name Noah, wanted a traditional name, something short....what to choose?

When looking up the meaning of the name Noah (peaceful, restful, peacemaker, at rest, calm), we just KNEW Noah was perfect for him.

I am thrilled to share with you our intimate celebration of this most joyous occasion {see the debut on Layla Grayce here}! I wish I could have put this post together much sooner, but I guess it's better late than never.

We selected a white dove with an olive branch as the theme, meaning peace. To coordinate, we went with a white color scheme with khaki accents.

I wanted lots of white and sweet eyelet details {inspired by the darling use of eyelet by Kara's Party Ideas for her own son's baby blessing!} to keep it very "baby", and did my hardest to keep it masculine enough for our little boy!

We had a sweet little lunch, cake and cupcakes, with cookies for favors. Nothing too elaborate, but elegant and simple. I really wanted the focus on the meaning of the event, and not to get too caught up in the design process. {luxe white fabric wreath from baby shower, by the incredible She's {Kinda} Crafty}.

I have so many sketches of the dessert table design, and spent months adding little ideas and thoughts to my notebook (in between feedings and after Noah went to sleep).

Gratitude. That is the what I have an overflowing amount of, to the lovely designers who created so many of the goodies for the event, from paper products and linens to cupcake toppers and cookies.

Andrea of Dollhouse Paperie and Dolce Drive, is pure sweetness. She designed & donated the most precious sticker designs for Noah's Helmet Party {Plagiocephaly Awareness}, quickly whipping up designs that were darling and had me giddy with excitement imagining them on many children's helmets!

When it came to thinking of who could create a perfect collection of paper products for Noah's Baby Dedication, she was the very first person who popped into my mind. I didn't even have to think about it. I knew she had the design skills, as well as the sense of style and sweetness I was going for. Working with Andrea on Noah's dedication was an absolute pleasure, and as you can see, the results were gorgeous!

Andrea and I also shared something else in common other than a passion for children's parties and all things paper: we have babies who are almost exactly the same age! She gave amazing motherly advice and I wish we lived closer, as I believe she would be a delightful "mommy friend". Thank you Andrea, for everything! I look forward to future projects together. I also look forward to TREMENDOUS SUCCESS for Andrea's Paperie. She is driven, talented, thoughtful, lovely...sweet blessings to you Andrea!

I should note it was Andrea who thought of the fans. How PRECIOUS ARE THESE PAPER FANS? I love them, as did everyone else.

Next, Carolyn of Sweet Tea & Linen. Carolyn is one of my absolute favorite women to work with, and every time I correspond with her I feel pure JOY. She is as sweet as sweet can be, and thoughtful, gracious, generous, talented. I look forward to having another opportunity to working with her, as it is a true pleasure.

She created the gorgeous white floor length table linens you see here, also used for our baby shower! You will see a lot of this table cloth, one of the BEST investments you could ever make. Thank you, Carolyn, for being such a blessing in my life--and turning my fabric dreams into a reality.

There are two women I work with on a regular basis to create edible art: Brittany of Edible Details, and Holly of Holly's Sweet Hobby. They are my dream team, and I wish I had a quarter of the talent they do making an edible masterpiece.

Brittany and I have been working together the longest, and I treasure our working relationship deeply. She works so hard to create everything just so, and she never disappoints!

When dreaming up edible eyelet, I immediately thought of her. She is far more talented than I believe she even realizes. She really blew me away with these--some of the most gorgeous edible cake toppers I have ever, ever seen. Brittany--you amaze me.

 I already have future projects lined up with her after she returns from maternity leave, and can hardly stand the wait--except for the fact that I am sitting on the edge of my seat as I cannot wait for her to experience the LOVE of motherhood. Oh, love love love--Brittany, so thrilled for you and your family.

And Holly....a true gem, an enormous blessing in my life--someone who astounds me every time I open a box she sends me. Talent must just ooze out of her, and I feel it is an enormous gift to ever, ever get to work with her.

Again, already jumping up and down about future projects we will be working on together. Holly, I am still waiting for the day that a big glossy magazine discovers you and features you and your work. You are one in a million!

For all vendor credits, please check out the debut of this special event on Layla Grayce, found here.

Are you planning a baby dedication, baptism, christening, or baby naming? I hope that ours might provide you with some inspiration.


Jenny from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line said...

Beautiful and thoughtful post as always Kate.

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Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Noah is a wonderful, meaningful name. And your celebration for him is just pure sweetness and joy, as you intended!

Janelle said...

Such a beautiful event for your sweet baby Noah ~ the white & khaki was perfect for the occasion!

Tammy Amommy said...

So cute. Wondering what the envelopes on the boards on the table are for?

alex said...

I really love the white color theme. Really elegant and nice.