Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Birthday Party Ideas {Planning Series: Introduction}

First Birthday Party Ideas are everywhere these days, so much in fact that I have found it incredibly overwhelming.

Planning my own child's first birthday party is a bit more daunting than designing events for others. There are some major heartstrings attached to this reason for celebration.

Having helped many clients plan their childrens' first birthday parties I do have some insight as a professional at this which helps. At the same time, I am on the other side, being the mom who is looking back at some of the twelve most amazing months of my entire life.

This blog series will be a personal one, sharing with you my experience planning Noah's first birthday celebration, with what I have found to be very helpful hints along the way. It may be two posts, twelve or twenty four. Who knows?!?

My hope is to have a fabulous few blog posts to look back at as a sort of documentation of planning this party, as well as the opportunity to help even one mom out there with one aspect of planning her own child's first birthday.

Are you planning a first birthday party? Please share about it with our readers in a comment on this post!!! I am not the only one who can help here--goodness knows you can!

Do you have a blog post on planning your child's first birthday party you think might help our readers? Please let me know!

Also, if you have any questions or topics you might wish for me to cover in my posts? If so, I invite you to please comment here, I would love to hear your ideas. While I may not be able to get to all of them, each will be heard and taken to heart.

Surely you can teach ME some things I didn't even consider yet!


Jenni Bost said...

I throw parties all the time and my son's first birthday party threw me for a loop for a while! I didn't know what to do/who to invite/what to serve/what activities to do! And, on top of it all... suddenly I was getting incredibly emotional over him turning 1!

We ended up doing a special small birthday celebration on the actual birthday. And, then a fairly larger celebration with family and friends. Most of our family lives far away... so, this year we have had to lean on our friends quite a bit. I wanted to throw a party that celebrated my friends and family's contribution to keeping us sane this past year, as well as my son's big day.

I split up a lot of my posts on the party (too much to share in one post) But, the main party is here:

allison angel said...

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Birthday Party 4 U said...

Those photos are adorable. The first birthday is a special day for the parents, a celebration of making it through the first year of being parents. I say do whatever makes you happy, because lets face won't remember or understand what is going on. Take lots of pictures and enjoy the day.

Becca@Catering Melbourne said...

These are really great tips. Birthday planning isn't that easy as it seems to be. We have to plan all the issues so that our party can be hassle free.