Monday, November 26, 2012

Minted $200 Holiday Giveaway

THRILLED to share with you the Minted $200 Giveaway!!!!

EASY Entry. Enter by Friday, November 30th at 11:59pm EST. All the rules can be found here.

{Holiday party decor line found here}

As you may know, I have a background in the high-end stationery industry, therefore my appreciation for the finest paper, crisp and rich printing quality, as well as gorgeous designs, fonts and motifs is great. I also LOVE parties, and with their recent launch of their holiday party line, I was swoooning over their new products and designs.

I have a very discerning eye when it comes to invitations, stationery, and holiday cards. Having helped hundreds and hundreds of families select their holiday cards in the past, I have a tremendous passion for them.

{Peace On Earth Banner card found here}

 My latest obsession is for printed envelope linings and die-cut borders and corners (I am partial to a rounded corner or scallop borders).

{Joyeux Beginning card found here}

Minted caught my eye this year with their new triple thick cardstock (swoon), as seen below. I love holiday cards that are "so thick they could be used  as coasters", as my husband would say.

I also have spent hours upon hours playing with the hundreds of holiday cards they offer, and the NINE special shapes you can order (like my favorite rounded edge or scallop border), as seen here...

Last year we went all out and did letterpress, as our Christmas card was also a birth announcement and new address notification--absolutey stunning {thank you Loralee!!!}.THIS YEAR, I want to try the triple thick cardstock or fabulous shaped border, and I am so VERY excited to be selecting our Christmas card from Minted. 

{Joyeux Christmas card found here}

We will be documenting the first year of Noah's life, all his fabulous "firsts".  I love how with Minted, I can do a flat or folded card, with additional photos and lots of text to share our sweet story. My, holiday photo cards have come along way since the ones you bought in a box and taped your photo onto, one by one!

Here are some of my very favorite holiday cards that Minted is offering this year. I would LOVE your help in narrowing down our choices for our card this year!!!

1. "Merry Stripes" {SO classic, preppy and fresh. Very traditional red and white, oh-so-holiday!}. I love it with the rounded corners, as seen below:

2. "Blusing Christmas" in Ice Blue{love to see two of a friend's children featured on this sample card...aren't they gorgeous?}

Oh, must show the blush envelope lining, because it is a large part of what I love about the card...

3. "Classic Christmas" {in white or it with this unique border, and how the card would focus entirely on our photo, while sharing a traditional holiday sentiment}.

Do you still need to order your holiday photo cards? Love what you are seeing from Minted this year? Enter HERE to win a $200 credit toward your order at Minted!

Best of luck!!! {oh, gosh, I didn't even get into the calendars they have, and gift tags...that might just have to be a whole separate blog post!}

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Lilian Oliver said...

Gorgeous Kate! I love the last one!! It looks like a photo which can be enjoyed almost all year:) Merry Christmas! xxx

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Kate, these are really gorgeous cards!! I am also a fan of envelope linings and die-cut borders and corners when it comes to cards!
Two of my favorite from your cards choices are Blusing Christmas and "Merry Stripes"! Have a lovely meryr happy day and love to you!

Frances Cheda said...

Beautiful. I love the "Merry Stripes" Christmas Card. Classic, Crisp and fresh.

little black press said...

Merry Stripes is my favorite, but it depends entirely on the photo you use!

little black press said...

Merry Stripes is my favorite, but it depends entirely on the photo you use!

Bellenza Bistro said...

Adore the scalloped border and the envelope liners! Happy choosing!

Elizabeth said...

I love my Minted cards. I've sent them two years in a row and they truly are amazing! You can't go wrong with any of your choices, and I agree, it depends on the photo you use.

For the life of me I can't figure out how to enter the contest. It might be too early and I should have some coffee first, but the link takes me to and I don't see where to go from there.

Happy Holidays Kate!

Kate Landers Events, LLC © 2009 said...

Thank you so much Elizabeth! I am looking into this immediately with There seems to be an error as the giveaway was supposed to run through 11:59pm EST tonight, and so I am sure it was an oversight...hoping it will be corrected soon! Thank you so much for bringing to my attention!


Barry and Rena said...

#3 is my fav of those, but I do love the scalloped edged ones you had at the top of the post too. Good luck!