Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Marie Antoinette Inspired Birthday Party

A Marie Antoinette Birthday Party, celebrated with decadence. Pink ostrich feather plumes, dupioni silk, fans, tea, pearls and gems...this was a party fit for the Dauphine of France herself!

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This party was for girls ages 7-9, however I ended up following suit and celebrating my birthday the day following with a Marie Antoinette-themed party, and loved it just the same.

I also think this would be a fabulous theme for a first birthday, a sweet sixteen, a thirtieth birthday, an eighty-fifth birthday--so I hope you can enjoy this post and envision it for your next event!

Design inspiration for this party came from the recent Marie Antoinette film by Sofia Coppola, with the stunning costumes and sets. It was the ostrich feather plumes, rococo hats, jewels, stunning desserts and divine fabrics that all played a role in creating this decadent Marie Antoinette Inspired Birthday Celebration!

We selected a color scheme of various shades of pink (from a pale peach, soft blush, ice pink, candy pink, fuschia and raspberry) with a splash of light aqua. Something feminine and vibrant--Marie was said by some to be rather amazing and daring when it came to her wardrobe selection, and we wanted to reflect that with an unexpected color scheme that would make a stunning display.

The birthday celebration was a tea party featuring a stunning variety of desserts and the most decadent pink buttercream ruffled birthday cake (sparkler candles, similar to shown at Marie's birthday party in the film, made for great fun--but must watched carefully--adult supervision required at all times).

Gorgeous (quite possibly the most exquisite cookies I have ever set eyes on) hand-frosted fan cookies by Renee were sparkling and hard to keep fingers off of for their yummy flavor....

Rich chocolate cake truffles drizzled in pink and raspberry icing tasted as good as they looked...

A trio of pink colored almonds added a perfect splash of color to the table.

Miniature Cream puffs dusted with powdered sugar, french macarons and beautiful chocolate covered strawberries were also on the french-inspired menu of sweets.

We also had planned several activities to help the guests transport themselves to Versailles back in Marie's day.

When the guests arrived to the party, they found a variety of stunning things to look at.

At first was the grand dining room, featuring a long table covered with a raspberry taffeta (rouched to the floor)tablecloth and fuchsia dupioni silk table runner (featuring a blush trim that made it go from simple to extraordinary!), faux diamond and crystal silver candle sticks with two foot long genuine ostrich plumes towering out of each one (in shades of pale pink, bright pink and white).

Fine china was used featuring an elegant rose pattern in just the right hues, and crystal glasses were there for pink lemonade. Tea cups and saucers were used as well, in a variety of vintage-inspired fine floral patterns. Each place setting featured a custom printed place card, fan, rococo hat and gloves, just waiting for the guest to wear them. These items all doubled as party favors to take home for fabulous dress-up items or costume pieces.

When the girls sat to have dessert, what appeared to be a very fancy silk napkin at their place setting was actually a custom made cape/shawl to wear over their shoulders to literally "wrap themselves in luxury"! Each shawl was made of fuchsia dupioni silk and trimmed with velvet and ruffled ribbon.

We found a stunning hand painted vintage fan that closely resembled some seen in the recent film, and had it on display--it was just magnificent and the girls enjoyed taking turns carefully fanning themselves with it.

Another display item, a personal favorite, were a stunning pair of faux Marie Antoinette-inspired shoes. These shoes, created of paper, featured ruffles, ribbons, vintage jewels, raw silk bows, silk flower petals....were nothing short of amazing. Unfortunately these were just to look at, not wear--but their very presence was inspiring!!!

The "rococo" hats were made featuring hand pleated ribbon, feathers, layers of reconstructed faux flower, jewels, a fanciful bird and tulle. I enjoyed making these hats far, far too much!

Jewels--vintage earrings, brooches, new tulle and pearl flower pins, strands of pearls--were all present for the guests to create their own necklace. The finest pieces were just for show, but the girls did get to work with some fun gems and pearls to attach to a velvet ribbon and make their own necklace or choker.

The guests were invited to create their own mask for a "Masquerade Ball" (where authentic classical music from Marie Antoinette's tim was played in the background)which they would hold up in front of their face and dance with, while wearing their shawls, gloves, hats and jewelry. Glittered butterflies, gems, feathers, and fancy trims were part of the treasures provided for making each mask.

An assistant was present to apply make up to the girls faces if they wanted it, a spritz of perfume, and upon request corn starch was sprinkled into their hair out of a crown-topped bottle (this created a look of "white" hair which is easily washed out in the shower, without scratchy, expensive or ill-fitting wigs). The transformation was amazing!

A beautiful seashell-pink dupioni silk table runner with a beaded trim was set up for the beauty station, along with a ruffled pillow to sit, which made the experience even more delightful.

Due to inclement weather, a game typically played on the lawn of Versailles was brought indoors--a mini croquette set and short game brought lots of giggles. Girls were given fuchsia parasols to "protect themselves from the sun" (had the game been outdoors in the sunlight, this would have been perfect!), which was yet another fun prop for the girls to take home with them.

Roses--oh, the sweet smell of roses, filled the rooms. From a gorgeous pale pink with a green hue, to a cream rose with coral trim, to the most vibrant fuchsia....these roses were everywhere, as were rose petals, to create the sweetest smell and romantic feel for an incredibly special celebration.

Old fashioned party crackers were custom made in pale pink and pale aqua stripes, filled with treats and adorned with gold crowns and fuchsia or pale pink flowing ribbons.

No detail was left out. I am in awe of the custom tea bags we had created for the party, that I am going to give them their own feature to be release soon....you won't believe your eyes!!!

For invitations, a custom damask bordered square invitation with rounded corners was placed in an envelope with a wax seal.

A party dress for the birthday girls' little sister featured the most precious ruffled tulle neckline and faux silk pleats and bow. This dress was a steal at $17.99from Target, and perfect for her big sister's party (great for Easter too!)

I hope you have enjoyed this party that was a great joy to design and create. The greatest joy of all, of course, is a birthday girl who can't stop talking about the party even after it's over, and guests who couldn't stop gasping and giggling and twirling about!


Unknown said...

Beautiful party Kate!

The Little Miss said...

sooooooooooooo beautiful! Love it! I want those shoes even if you really couldnt wear them. Where did you get them? Love this party!!!!! If I ever have a little girl you are def planning the party!

Rach said...

Very high end looking!

Free Pretty Things For You said...

kate this is just to gorgeous for words!!!

Carriers Cozy Cottage said...

Wow Kate ....now I want a party just like that! Of course you already know I love to play with Jewels. LOL

Renee said...

Wow! Everything looks beautiful!! As you said in your post, you truly covered every detail. Wonderful job -- I love it! (And if I were one of the 7-year-olds at that party, I would've LOVED the "make-up & hair" part -- great idea!!)

Natalia said...

Hi Kate,
I am new to your blog, I think your work is amazing! I did something similar to do this about a year ago. Maybe you can take a look if you have a chance.

Party on!

Missy said...

love the Sophia Copolla movie! I think you captured it perfectly in this beautiful party!

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

What an amazing party! The details are so fabulous!

I would love to have such a beautiful party!

Unknown said...

I am doing something similar for my birthday (16" tiffany blue ostrich feathers, pearls, etc) but after reading this, I have so many more ideas! Thank you!

Katie said...

So, so, so gorgeous! The ruffled cake....gasp....love all this.

Nicole said...

Simply beautiful detail shots, and it's wonderful inspiration for what a reader might do with such a theme, but I'm yearning to see what the space actually *looked* like! Shoot wide too, Kate, shoot wide and tell the story!

Lisa Joy said...

I was wondering the same thing as Nicole...I love the detail shots, but what I really want to see is the "whole picture" to get the full effect! I know you've shown us wide shots with other parties...would you share some for this one, too? :-) I'm sure the whole effect looked like something out of a movie!

Bobbi Jo Nichols said...

I want a Birthday party like that. It is so beautiful. Being that my blog is It's Good To Be Queen you can see why this would be near and dear to my heart. Loving your blog. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Taylor N. said...

how did you make the hats?