Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Taffy Wands

The newest shipment of old fashioned taffy wands have arrived!

So excited to share with you the newest colors and flavors (including some old favorites as well).

Blueberry is a light blue that is fabulous for a boy or girl party.

Peppermint is a perfect shade of green.

Orange is striking, especially when paired with strawberry or blueberry!

Banana is a lovely soft yellow that I look forward to savoring.

Strawberry is a classic light pink, always popular!

Grape (not featured here) is a perfect light purple, lovely when paired with vanilla.

Speaking of Vanilla, this is always a classic...

Lemon is a bright yellow perfect for a summer soiree.

Chocolate looks delightful when paired with strawberry and vanilla for a "neopolitan" look.

Then we have some fun two-toned taffy wands as well!

The raspberry is a lovely pink and red, would have been perfect for our Woodland Fairy Birthday Party!

Cherry features a pinkish-red hue with a very very dark burgundy that almost looks like chocolate.

Last but not least, watermelon in pink and green is perfect for all those "Lilly Pulitzer-inspired" parties out there!

I love these taffy wands for sweet table displays, to hand out as favors, and they make a fabulous centerpiece in a large round bowl or apothecary jar in your dining room.



H is for Hillman said...

These would be perfect for my son's candy buffet for his 1st birthday party, how do I order them? I think blueberry and peppermint, maybe even add some color with orange or yellow. His party is a whimsical Frog Prince theme.

Kate Landers Events, LLC © 2009 said...

Love these for candy buffets, they are so stunning! By the way "H is for Hillman"--your "Frog Prince" first birthday theme sounds precious! I hope you will share photos! I am updating the website as we speak with all the flavors, so you can order them on our website here: hhttp://katelandersevents.com/asccustompages/products.asp?fav=0&fpage=1&categoryID=13&productID=33&cartID=812220629

I think the blueberry will go fast, it is a new color and oh-so-popular these days!

Thanks kindly for yoru post!

The Purple Pug said...

Head over heels (or should I say flip flops)in LOVE with these.

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

Love the blue too!

Brittany Egbert said...

I'm in love with these. All of the bright colors... and so nostalgic. A must have for any event. I can't wait to find a future party to add them to.

Maddycakes said...

Oh how I love these!! They bring back some wonderful memories of going to the boardwalk and getting salt water taffy!! I think it would be perfect for the 4th of July too!! Just LOVE!!! You are so FABULOUS!!!

sarah said...

Oh taffy,I love you. Love the flavors and the colors. hope could order them for my daughter's 4th birthday this august. Can't open the website. please help. where could i order them? thanks a lot

Sarah said...

Oh taffy, i love you. Love the colors and the flavors. Hope could order them for my daughter's Tea birthday party this August. I can't open the website. Please help, how do i order them? thanks a lot.