Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gingham Sweet Table

I am thrilled to share with you the sweet table design from The Gingham Collection!

With a joyfully overwhelming response to the new line, I thought it fitting to share the darling dessert table to match.
Yesterday I shared with you the images of the gingham party table set up (a re-creation using the custom products I had designed for Life: Beautiful Magazine, Summer 2010 issue), and as promised, today I am sharing the sweet table!

I can't express enough how much the bunting completed the look tying in the theme and color-scheme, bringing together the party table and sweet table perfectly.

I selected candy, much of which is old-fashioned, to add loads of charm, and match the color-scheme of pink, orange, yellow and green.

Always love salt water taffy...

Old fashioned lemon twist candy sticks (these are soft!)...
One of my personal favorites: Old fashioned candy ribbons--these are bubblegum flavor.
Loving the ruffled edges of the ribbon candy.
Another personal favorite, always gets a big "wow"--rock candy on old-fashioned wooden sticks.
Watermelon, lemon, orange and cherry rock candy.
Strawberry, lemon and peppermint taffy wands (orange and banana were a great match too!)
I think I lucked out when I found these pink and green gingham mints! Perfect match to theme AND color scheme.
Old fashioned swirled lollipops make the perfect topper for any present, like this one!
For a modern take on lollipops, I am LOVING these marshmallow ones!
Mint chocolate chip meringues are a lovely soft shade of green, and I added because my sister Julia loves anything mint chocolate chip--and she was, after all, my first "client" when I started planning her birthday parties at the age of 10! These are for you, Julia!
My favorite favor cartons yet, our gingham collection! Perfect filled with a lightweight treat.
I adore pastries, and these cream filled puffs are incredibly sweet.
A cream filled lemon cake roll looks stunning when sliced up, love the swirly pattern.
Lemon-filled cookies, dusted with powdered sugar, keep the vintage flavor of the design.
Another angle of the full view of the sweet table.
Custom gingham candy jar labels and signs were a precious addition to the table.

These darling labels and signs will soon be available in our shoppe, in 3 different sizes to fit whatever container you use.
My little cousin just LOVES strawberry milk piled high with whipped cream. Thus, the inspiration for these sweet treats added to the sweet table. I must say, I am quite a fan myself!

Sometimes it's hard to keep track of which drink belongs to which guest, so our custom gingham flags, easily attached to straws, eliminate that issue and add loads of charm to the beverage!
Elizabeth shouldn't forget where she left her shake, now (not to mention it will taste that much sweeter drinking it out of a straw with her name on it!)
One for Isabel too!
A side view of the table, once the strawberry milk and whipped cream shakes were added!
Hope you enjoyed this sweet gingham inspiration! For *amazing* photos of a darling sweet table designed in the studio for Life: Beautiful Magazine, check out the summer 2010 issue! It contains some sweets that are cuter than you could imagine!


Petite Marie said...

Great collection! Oh so sweet colors and theme!

Petite Marie said...

Great collection! Oh so sweet colors and theme!

testing 1 said...

More loveliness! Thank you so much for such inspiration!!

SweetTeaDresses said...


SweetTeaDresses said...

Precious! So sweet!

Tonya Keenan said...

Where do all of the brilliant straws come from? It seems like every post features amazing straws and I have a hard time finding them. Love the party!

Unknown said...

Simply Beautiful!

Shelley@DivinePartyConcepts said...

Absolutely love it!!!

Rebecca said...

I love this color scheme!! What a precious party!! In love!!

Unknown said...

sweet perfection!