Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kate Landers Events, LLC, Party Design Contest Winners

The wait is over!

{Party Design Contest Winners}

First, I must thank each and every one of your for your brilliant entries! Each party design would be a joy to see come to life! In my opinion, everyone wins! I am hopeful that if your party isn't the one selected in this contest, that you might be choose to go ahead and create it yourself. Of course, I would hope you would then share it with us so I can feature it to inspire so many others with your work--it would be a gift to the world to share your creative talents!

If you aren't already aware, please let me be the one to shout it from the rooftops: YOU ARE INCREDIBLY GIFTED! I had more fun reading each and every one of your party designs than I ever imagined possible. Each of your designs were unique and described in a style very much your own--yet you would be so surprised with the number of similarities between many of your designs as well.

Several of you did exactly what I was hoping you would--you spoke to parents and grandparents and did some serious research back in history, to make your party design as authentic as possible!

 I also appreciate you accepting the challenge to be descriptive with your words, not sending me a link list of inspiring images you found on the web--it is very easy to tell when an idea is genuine and original, when others are replicas of a picture in a magazine. This was no easy feat I know, but each of you did a great job and I felt very clear in understanding every one of your designs! So a tremendous congratulations to each and every entrant!

I would love to host another party design contest in the near future (hint), to allow those of you who entered and didn't win this time around, to have another opportunity to let your creativity run wild and take on an exciting challenge....and for those of you who didn't get to enter this time around, I dearly hope you will the next time!

                                                           {Image: Source Unknown}

And now for the big reveal....there was a clear winning design to me for this contest. However, it wasn't clear that there were any designs that I couldn't take at least one design element from, and integrate it into one spectacular party. That is right: every single party design featured at least one incredible concept that I want to feature!

Congratulations to Cari Moretz of Socially Circled, created the winning party design which I personally will be styling and featuring here on Kate Landers Events, LLC!!!!!!!!!!!

Cari's party design is for a 1930s tea party with baby dolls for young girls.

While I would love to disclose all of the details now, I fear it would ruin the surprise!

Therefore, Cari and I will be chatting, and we will be keeping the details of her design under wraps until the reveal of the party when it is brought to life, a date to be announced.

In the meantime, I CAN reveal our Runners Up who also featured some fabulous ideas and designs that will easily and beautifully be incorporated into the event I create using Cari's overall design! The order in which they are listed does not reflect the number of details of their design that will be incorporated (meaning Lisa and Julie may have the same number of details used in the party!)

First Runner Up: Julie Gallagher of In Good Company
"1930s Sewing Class" Girl's Party Theme

Second Runner Up: Leoni Jena of Just Call Me Martha
"1950's Tea Party" Girl's Party Theme

Third Runner Up: Elizabeth of Kentucky Mama
"Silhouette" Girl's Party Theme

Fourth Runner Up: Lisa of Joy and Me
"Girls and Dolls" Girl's Party Theme

TO THE WINNERS: All aspects of your event design must be kept under wraps and not shared, distributed nor published, until the final party design is revealed on Kate Landers Events, LLC. Anyone who violates this will unfortunately forfeit their spot. Please contact me at landers.kate@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding this.

 Because I know you were all interested in hearing about some of the fabulous ideas that were shared, I WILL share with you just some of the MANY *amazing* ideas that I received, and will keep it a secret as to which elements of some of these you might also see pop up in our final party design!

1. Julie Cox shared with us a brilliant 1930s Cornhusk Doll Party Theme, which includes a "vanity cake" (little honey colored cakes dusted with powdered sugar, stacked in the shape of a pyramid). She also mentioned tin cups and plates, wild flowers in canning jars, and wild flower wreaths for the girls' hair (instead of party hats!). Stunning!

2. Jennifer Birkhead of Jennifer Birkhead Design shared a 1950s party for boys and girls, mentioning that this was the time when rationing ended and sweets and cakes were back on the menu! Jennifer explained it was the 1950s when children's  parties were no longer just for the wealthy, but became new to the mainstream! Jennifer's invitation design was 3D and included a pinwheel.  She suggested Hula Hoops tied to the backs of chairs, and a wooden cabinet with matching clear glass jars full of sweets and metal scoops. Like Julie Cox, she also suggestsed wild flowers in clear glass. Fabulous!

3. Rusti Michael offered a design for a 1930s Great Depression Inspired Party, suggesting the use of jadeite dishes and colors such as a soft seafoam green (or "depression green" as she mentioned) and creamy tan, with pops of robin's egg blue, soft golden yellow and crimson. She mentioned how expensive certain baking supplies became, and the invention of "Wacky Cake."  Wow!

4. Shawna Brockmeier of Pretend, Party & Play created a party design for boys and girls, that featured charming paper parasols (with pom pom or tassle trim) to attach to the back of every chair. She also suggested creating an Old Time Candy Store with penny candy, and framed vintage prints of toys and other old-fashioned items. Super!

5. David and Sasha designed a terrific 1950s 5th Birthday Party with a western theme. They suggested two amazing activities: Pin the tail on the HORSE, as well as playing a game of musical chairs while listening to "Home on the Range" by Roy Rogers. Talk about terrific details!!!

6. Tanya of The Candy Tree designed a party that would have been held for her father, a 5-year old boy John in the late 1940s. Her spectacular color-scheme was spearmint milkshake green, pale cream, with splashes of poppy red! She suggested children sitting on a patchwork quilt instead of a traditional table and chairs, and children given wind up toys and spinners. Truly great design!

And more ideas....

Laura designed a fun 1950s-60s party theme in hues of orange, hot pink and lime green for a "Meet the Liddle Kiddles" party. Retro and super hip!

 Doris of Piggy Bank Parties designed a 1955 party featuring such activities as a Yo-Yo demonstration (LOVE THIS!) and "Pin The Nose On The Spud"!

Staci of LizardnLadybug designed a super fun vintage toys themed party, featuring oak barrels of penny candy and a red checked picnic table cloth.

Kendra of Me and My Insanity created a fab retro Dick & Jane themed party with a personalized element to the invitations, and included those darling red and white striped paper straws and our own fabulous cloth napkins with rick rack trim...love it!

I wish I could include each and every one...as they were all truly fabulous! Maybe if I get the time I can post each party design for you...would you like that?

In the meantime, I hope you can all join me in commenting here with a tremendous THANK YOU to all the entrants and their inspirational themes and ideas.

I also invite you to join me in posting sincere congratulations to Cari and all of our runners up!



Petite Marie said...

WoW Kate!
Awesome ideas!
You must have been really busy going through all these!
Congrats to all the winners!

Kori Clark said...

CONGRATS to the winners! I can't wait to see how you style this AMAZING concept!
I loved the cornhusk doll theme too! Fabulous ideas all over!

the candy tree said...

Congratulations Cari, Julie, Leonie, Elizabeth & Lisa!! And what gorgeous ideas everyone had!
Can't wait to see the party come to life!! Tanya x

Jennifer Birkhead said...

Congrats to the winners, Cari, Julie, Leonie, Elizabeth & Lisa!!! :)

Can't wait to see this party come to life, I know it will be nothing short of FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And totally chuffed at the mention Kate, thanks so much

Louley's Belles said...

It was fun dreaming that party up! Thanks for the shout out! Congrats to the winners!!!!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

Congratulations to all the winners!
So excited to see it all come to life.

Thanks for the mention of a few of my ideas too :)

Lorena said...

I can't wait to see the party come to life!
Congrats to all winners for the lovely ideas.

Kristy - Posh Pixels Design Studio said...

Congrats to the winners! Can't wait to see their parties!

Cari @ Socially Circled said...

Beyond thrilled! Can't wait to see the party come to life...i know it will be amazing!!
Congrats to all the winners! : )

Piggy Bank Parties said...

Congratulations to all who dreamed up so many fantastic ideas!

Kate, thanks for the giving us all the opportunity to dream! And...thanks for the making so many of us feel special!

Kim @ The Celebration Shoppe said...

Can't wait to see the fabulous ideas of so many talented planners come to life. Congrats everyone!

Unknown said...

Congratulations to all of the winners! I can not wait to see the party come to life. And a special thanks to Kate for such a cool contest and I can not wait for the next one.

Julie Gallagher said...

Thanks so much Kate! So excited to see inspiration turned into creation especially with your personal stamp! What a brilliant contest and already can't wait for the next one! *happy dance*

Leoni said...

Congrats to all the winners, I am stoked to be runner up its a huge honor for me Kate. Wow, you must have had a tonne to read, can't wait to see the party come to life. Will be watching your blog with avid interest.