Thursday, March 25, 2010

One Of My FAVORite Things!

Charming Personalized Fabric Party Favor Pouches...say that five times fast!!!

I have adored our darling custom fabric favor pouches for some time now.

Available in white and natural, your choice of 3 sizes, these pouches are designed to work around your favors!!!

Select from a large variety of brilliant satin ribbons...

Gingham ribbons as well...

Select from umpteen fonts, ink colors, even custom artwork (like your child's silhouette), all great ways to dress these up and match the rest of your party decor.

The great part is, no, you do not have to order 12 identical totes--each one CAN be personalized with each guest's name!!!

Young children love party favors, and are often more partial to treats with their own name on them.

There is something special about going for a favor hunt to find a tote especially made for you.

In addition to being great for birthday party favor pouches, we also consider these to be fabulous for Easter Baskets, Personalized Halloween Treat bags and Santa's Sacks for Stockings!

And what to do with your pouch after the party is all over? Why, keep in near your pillow for the Toothfairy's next visit....these pouches make a lovely safe place to keep your tooth, and your name will ensure that she will find it!

Available in our shoppe here.


Preppy 101 said...

Cute, cute, cute!! And I love how you've given a use for them after the party!! You're so good :-) xoxo

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

I love these! Precious!

Preppy Mama said...

I love these! Such a sweet idea.

Hillcrest Acres said...

The pouches are adorable!!!