Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Rose Collection For Your Little Queen!

As promised, the Rose Queen Collection has arrived!

Where did the inspiration for this collection come from? Read On!

Growing up in Pasadena, California, I walked to view the Rose Parade with my parents (often on dad's shoulders as a toddler) since I was a tiny tot, and I always adored the Rose Queen and her "Royal Court" of Princesses. I would practice my Rose Court wave for the rest of the day! I even, funny enough, would come home, fill up my red wagon with my favorite dolls in their finest dresses, surround them with every flower blooming in the yard, and stroll down the driveway with my own "Rose Court Float"!!!

I am thrilled to finally introduce you to our precious Rose Crown shown in white with pale pink and coral pink roses and rosebuds, and the sweetest soft green leaves (also available in several other color combinations).

This crown is an original pattern I created that closes perfectly in back, with a generous strip of velcro tucked inside to allow for significant size adjustment to grow along with your little queen!

You will notice such fine details as the gorgeous hand-sewn felt roses and rosebuds, created by the incredibly kind and thoughtful, extraordinarily talented artist Jane. She and I have been working together on all of these items for this collection, and have loved seeing these beautiful felt creations come together! It has been such a delightful experience.

Every crown is created to be durable, while looking incredibly delicate! Notice the detailed trim, hand-stitched vines...yes, these sweet crowns are made entirely by hand!!!!

What would a crown be without a matching wand? Our darling Rose Wand is a precious match for our Rose Crown, and also is lovely on its own for your little ballerina or fairy princess!

Shown in white with light pink and coral roses, with coral satin and pale pink velvet ribbon, it is available in several other colors as well. A delightful new addition for your little one's dress up chest or a perfect party favor with the matching crown or pair of our felt fairy wings!

Each wand is hand made, created to be durable to grant thousands of wishes!!!

And lastly, our prized Rose Capelet. I am in love with this sweet addition, that makes for a perfect Rose Queen costume.

This royal and regal Rose Capelet is shown in white as well as pink. Hand sewn felt roses are stitched on each side of the Peter-Pan style collar, a perfect match to our Rose Crown and Wand! Notice the sweet stitched trim and beautiful ribbon.

Your choice of color for the ribbon--I loved the white and coral satin so much, I just had to do it in both for the white capelet! And for the pink capelet, the deep fuchsia is a personal favorite, but we have a darling green as well.

Our capelets are available in a variety of colors (custom orders encouraged!), and sizes from the tiniest for your darling's little doll to match, then a petite, medium, and large.

We hope you are as enchanted over these as we are!!!

Check in our shoppe this week to purchase these beauties! We are taking pre-orders now, please contact us at to place your order today!


Carrie said...


TanyaLea said...

You have outdone yourself this time...truly my favorite of all favorites!! :) I can see a future "rose queen" in our family...once we get our little princess home that is!

Thank you for visiting my blog awhile back...for your nice comments and your personal email...I really did appreciate it and I hung onto that note in a special folder. We hope to travel to bring our Khloe home next month...we should have an update this week. Can't wait! :)

Have a nice week and God bless! <><
~ Tanya

p.s.>> Your attention to detail is impeccible! I love the satin and velvet mixed ribbons on the little wand...and the capelet...the perfect finishing touch!!

Clark and Stefanie said...

These are so adorable! I love everything.