Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Adoption Welcome Home Party

I'm getting to that age where some friends are getting married, others have been married for awhile, and some are starting families. For some who wish to have children and are unable to, adoption pops up as their way to fulfill their dreams of starting a family.

I realized soon after that having a traditional baby shower simply doesn't always work. Why? Because not all of their precious children come home swaddled with a hospital bracelet straight after delivery. In some cases, and in particular I am reminded of my dear friend Corinne and her five beautiful children (three of whom she and her husband Ryan adopted) the children are toddlers, even in kindergarten or first grade.

You want to shower your friends with gifts for this tremendous blessing of a child they has been waiting for years on end now, but how do you celebrate?

With a Welcome Home Party, of course!

I am now adding "Welcome Home" parties to my list of custom events for children that I provide. They are incredibly heartfelt and treasured events.

As you know, I believe every child deserves to be celebrated, and I can't think of a more important celebration than this!

One of my favorite invitations for the perfect Welcome Home Party is from our line of stitched invitations: The sweet flowers (available in pink, light blue and lavender). I also adore our sailboat design, and soon you will see our crown and tea pot! Custom designs welcome! Not only do these make terrific invitations, but also announcements as well.

I look forward to one day sharing with you images from one of these parties, but in the meantime, I wanted to share with you some goodies we offer that I thought would make charming gifts for the next Welcome Home party you host or attend. Perfect gifts for the new child, and mom!

Our Darling Monogram Nantucket Baskets (perfect for summer!) are charming to use as a "Toothfairy Nantucket Basket" or to carry her favorite little trinkets with her wherever she goes.

Of course I can't think of a sweeter gift for the new mom than a set of matching Monogram Nantucket Baskets, one for her and her new daugther! Available in different shapes, sizes, colors and monogram styles.

A Smocked Dress (this one is perfect year round, as it can be work as is, or with a sweet blouse underneath in colder weather!) with the monogram of the newest addition is a precious gift--something personalized with the newest family member's monogram! We also create these as Johnnys for boys, they look beautiful for that first professional family portrait (because you know they will be wanting to share the big news of their loved one in a special announcement or next year's holiday card!) Custom fabric and thread colors available, and also available in larger sizes for older siblings when needed!

One of my favorite gifts for little ones are monogrammed bloomers. They are a fabulous price point, and I love the incredible variety of thread colors available, so they can match several outfits! Perfect to wear under any little frock (darling for newborns, crawlers and walkers!), you can get them with a monogram or name. A perfect personalized "Welcome Home" gift...I always love to give a stack of them in different sizes to so she can wear them as she grows older, in a variety of classic colors and monogram styles.

Speaking of walker and crawlers, our fabulous custom felt mary janes are perfect for children of all ages (yes, we even do adult sizes!) and would be a fabulous gift for the trendy tot.

Make Bath Time more fun with our personalized hooded whale bath towels! These are plenty room, generous enough in size for up to 3 and a half year olds! Paired with some tub toys and gentle natural shampoos and lotions, this makes for a delightful gift. You surely will be remembered of fondly at bath time when they wrap their new sweetheart in their personalized hooded towel!

They may be past the bottle or sippy cup stage, but who wouldn't love a fabulous set of just-my-size bpa-free melamine tumblers (salad plates available too!) in the yummiest colors! We have dropped ours at home far too many times, and they more durable than I ever could have imagined! Dishwasher safe, of course. We love to package these tumblers in sets of 4 with a giant satin bow--makes for a beautiful presentation. A gift to make mealtime more fun.

We also love our personalized pottery, and what better than a plate that says "I am 3!" for the new little son or daughter to eat off of all year long. I love getting these in sets of 4 for gifts...starting with "I am 2!" and going up through "I am 5!" Plates are available for any age, of course, and you can custom select your colors if you wish! Each year can be in a different color combination--a very thoughtful gift that will make every mealtime special.

Ask the parents how they are decorating the nursery or bedroom, and order a custom monogrammed pillow. Available in a tremendous variety of fabrics and colors, this would be a charming cushy treat for any bedroom, personalizing the space instantly! The other great thing: These pillows have been loved by children and adults alike, so it will grow up with the child, and not be something that they outgrow in a year.

Another great treat for the Welcome Home Party is our personalized bunting. Then the family can transfer the bunting with his or her name straight to their bedroom or playroom as decor. I can't tell you how many clients have gushed over our bunting. The quality is superb, and customization options great.

Our personalized felt hair clips, with a single initial or monogram, have been the talk of the town. Avaialble in several colors, beautifully made, these hair clips make any outfit more stylish. We love them, and their pricepoint can't be beat.

Maybe old fashioned monogram hair bows are the new mom's style...and we have crisp monogram button grosgrain hair clips (for finer and thicker hair) in your choice of thread color for monogram, and of course your choice of ribbon too. I love pairing these with our monogram bloomers as a sweet gift, or attaching to the outside of a gift package to personalize it and make it stand out!

Does mom love to cook up delightful treats in the kitchen? Matching mother-daughter aprons would be a wonderful Welcome Home treat. Available monogrammed too. Have a special fabric in mind? We can customize for you!

You can wrap it all up in personalized wrapping paper: "Welcome Katrina!" or "Welcome Brody!". A sweet treat, especially for the children that know and can read their name.


Lindsey {Bella Grace Party Designs} said...

Those felt mary janes make me want to have another baby! SO precious!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a wonderful idea. I have several friends who have adopted, and it is very special to celebrate in this way :)

Kim @ Frost Me! said...

I love that! And how much more fun when the baby has already arrived ;o) love the items above too!

Kim @
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