Tuesday, September 28, 2010

$500 Custom Party Design & More! {Tuesday Giveaway}

Thank you all for your incredible feedback on my newest {Kate Landers Events, LLC, Signature Party}, The Mystical Mermaid Party! Your generousity and kindness have truly humbled me, thank you!

It only seems fair that for all you have done for me, I at the very least could offer you something special--one of the greatest gifts I have to share wtih you, in fact! And where better to have the largest giveaway in the history of Kate Landers Events, LLC, than on my favorite online retail site, Layla Grayce?!?!?!

{Why This Giveaway is THAT Special}

 I can't help but feel completely blessed and over-the-moon about the incredible response and success of Kate Landers Events, LLC, since I launched in 2009. The feeling of tremendous appreciation and demand for my work by my clients and peers is incredibly fulfilling, and overwhelming.

There are several things I haven't mastered, one of them being the ability to dream, design and create parties like I do, in less time. The amount of time that goes into each and every custom party design I create seems to be getting longer, not shorter. Therefore, unless we suddenly are given more hours in a day, I am able to create fewer parties, thus helping fewer clients and potential clients {a partial solution to this being announced soon}.

Each party I do take on is something I work incredibly hard at, and give my all to. I am a perfectionist, and only want to give the very best I have to offer--I adore life, children, and celebrating both.

Because my custom party designs are such "rare commodities" (not necessarily by choice) in that I am only one person and can only create so much in a given day, the value of them has risen dramatically.

My custom party concept and designs now start at $500. That is over 60 hours of labor, minimum, in creating the concept and design for each and every event.

Also, I am booking up through most of 2011, therefore my ability to even offer these design services is very limited.

With a limitation on availability due to increase in demand, more detailed party concepts and designs I create, the $500 Custom Party Concept & Design I am giving away truly is something that is special, and I am ecstatic to be able to have the opportunity to do so.

I encourage you to enter. It would be a delight to create a custom party design for you. To each and every one of you reading this post--I invite you personally put your name in the hat!!

I don't know when again I will physically have the time to offer something like this, therefore I am hopeful you take the opportunity to enter now.

{Note: Your party must be February 1st, 2011, or AFTER to be eligible}

*An additional giveaway is at the end of this post*

{Why Host This Giveaway On Layla Grayce}

I discovered Layla Grayce many years ago, and have been enchanted ever since.

It's somewhat of a dream for a devout Layla Grayce fan like myself, to have the opportunity to be a part of the Layla Grayce blog and tell my story of how I have found creative ways of using my favorite Layla Grayce products in the extraordinary children's events I design for Kate Landers Events, LLC.

The term "sophisticated cottage chic" comes to mind when I think of Layla Grayce. Their chandeliers range from regal to sweet; their table linens are utterly romantic--perfect in a casual setting or dressed up for a grand affair. I could go on and on about my fondness of Layla Grayce and the versatile style of their products, as they are an online store I truly adore!

Layla Grayce has brought style and warmth into my home (and sister's apartment, and friend's boutique...) and I feel so fortunate to have been able to incorporate it into my events as well!

My clients and I often fall in love with exquisite products from Layla Grayce and other fine shops for their children's events (many of my clients have used Layla Grayce products to decorate their child's entire nursery or other parts of their beautiful homes! This has been a complete coincidence, and obvious factor into why my clients have selected me to design their events--we share so much in terms of taste of decor not only for events, but in the home as well).

We drool over the precious velvet and ruffle trimmed napkins for their daughter's tea party, or the sweetest chandelier to hang over their dessert table...but working those items into their new budget can be difficult!

It seemed only fitting to offer my greatest giveaway to date, on the blog of an online store I adore personally and professionally!

{Note: have you read my article for Layla Grayce yet? I used their products in my Mystical Mermaid Party, and I chat about using home decor products for entertaining--a great way to work with the current economic crisis--you may wish to pop over and read it here}

{How To Enter The $500 Custom Party Design Giveaway at Layla Grayce}

It's EASY! Hop over to the Layla Grayce blog post now, OR onto their facebook post for simple entry details!


In light of it being Tuesday, the coveted day of our weekly giveaway, I am offering another giveaway (two, actually)!

This time, it is for a chance to win a set of eight glittered starfish wands, ...

...as well as a chance to win (separate winner) a ruffle trimmed burlap table runner as seen in our Mystical Mermaid Party!


One winner will receive the wands, the other the ruffle trimmed burlap table runner!

To enter:

1. Leave a comment on this blog post saying how you would use either prize, if you won them.


2. Leave a comment on my facebook page saying how you would use either prize, if you won!

Thank you again for your unbelievable support! And Good Luck!


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

What great giveaways!!

I would use the runner for our Thanksgiving dinner...it would be perfect for the theme I'm planning!!

Growing Small said...

Oh I am soooo excited about this giveaway!

How would I use this giveaway - easy - my hubby and I (as of next year) will be married 20 years! We were so young when we got married that we weren't able to afford a wedding or reception. - We've decided that this year (our 20th) we are going to host a 20 year "reception" for our family and friends to help celebrate our love. I would Love, Love, Love, Love (did I mention love?)love to win this giveaway and have your help and inspiration.

H is for Hillman said...

Would use the wands for my daughters 3rd birthday

Tonya said...

This is a FABULOUS concept. I love the ocean - my house is full of "beachy" decorations, but I get so tired of the blue/green/turquoise color palate for mermaid parties - this is just precious, and so "girly." The ruffled burlap table runner could replace the one I made myself (no-sew and definitely no ruffles). And I would LOVE for you to plan my daughter's fourth birthday next May. Thank you for your beautiful designs and inspirations!

{ Marianne } said...

Everything is so BEAUTIFUL! My little girl would go nuts for the wands...a must for a birthday party!

Dawn said...

I know I would use the burlap runner for Thanksgiving and more...AND of course I would throw a "vintage beach inspired party" for my daughter!

Amanda Seevers said...

i like the thanksgiving burlap runner
i would love a dr susses college party or something like it

Amanda Seevers said...

i would use the burlap runner for thanksgiving.
i also would love a dr susses party

star said...

I'd use the wands for my nieces birthday party! They are gorgeous!

mom22 said...

I wish I had something unique to add to increase my chances, but I would love to use the burlap table runner for my upcoming Halloween party as well as the may annual hosting of my family for Thanksgiving. It would go perfect with all of my themes. So versatile!

mom22 said...

I wish I had something original to add to increase my chances of winning. I'd use the table runner for my Halloween and Thanksgiving parties. So versatile and so beautiful!

~*Wende*~ said...

How fabulous!

At the end of the last year's school end, the girls and I hosted a sleepover to celebrate spring and the end of school. How cool would it be to have a mermaid themed "welcome spring" party? would use the wands for the party...so cool!

As for the runner, you could dress it up and use it for any holiday dinner or you could use it for a special family dinner. It seems like it would be perfect for any table setting.

Thanks for such wonderful ideas!

Nathan and Carly said...

WOW!! My daughter's 3rd bday party for sure.

That one girl said...

That table runner is FABULOUS! LOVE your parties!!!

Olivia said...

Those starfish wands are spectacular! My youngest daughter's 1st birthday is in December with a winter onederland theme - I think those starfish are reminiscent of snowflakes so I would love to use them for decor...and then I could also use them for my older daughter's mermaid themed birthday party next summer!


Natalie said...

I love this giveaway! I would use the runner for special family dinners and dinner parties and the wands would be such a special touch to my daughters birthday party.

Amanda said...

Love the runner!!! I NEEEEEEEEED it!

Dixon Family said...

The runner would be perfect for my table and the wands would find a very cozy home with some little girls I know!

The Beynon Family said...

The tablerunner would be perfect with my fall decor and it matches my kitchen so I could get by with using it all year round. The wands are to die for and a perfect addition to my daughters playroom!

Michelle Garland said...

Since this year is the first Thanksgiving dinner that I will be hosting all our family at our house, it would certainly adorn the table. It would be perfect for that occasion.

Michelle Garland said...
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Michelle Garland said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

I would LOVE the burlap runner! I adore burlap and have it in several places in our home. It would be the perfect touch!

Cakewalk Baking said...

I love the runner & would use it for my upcoming 'county fair' party!

chelsei said...

I love the wands and the table runner they are beautiful. I would use them for my daughter's Island Dream Themed 3rd Birthday.

JenniB said...

I'd love to have that runner!!! I'd use it for so many things: my fall harvest party, my Mad Tea Party, Christmas dinner table... oh the many uses I could find for that lovely ruffled runner!