Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!!

As you may know, our preferred sponsor Le Petit Party is currently sponsoring a gift certificate valued at $50.00 for their online shop! Click HERE to enter.

I thought I would point out my favorite items I think are perfect for a party....

Are you planning a Circus Party?

I love the red and white striped theme, keeping it along the lines of "Under The Big Top"! Here is one of the absolute CUTEST circus invites I have ever seen...

It doubles as an invitation and treat--I love classic wooden toys for favors and this clown is as cute as the rest of the bunch...take a look at all the options!

Newly added: A red and white striped fabric tablecloth! I love fabric tablecloths, as they add a level of sophistication, still keeping it fun AND this would would be perfect for Christmas or the 4th of July, too!

For those of you who prefer disposable party products, check out this adorable striped paper table runner, available by the meter so it can be custom cut to fit YOUR TABLE!

As you know, I like to create an experience for children at my events, and I believe giving them these clown noses would help them feel silly and special {perfect for a DIY photo booth}!

On top of that, I love good old fashioned party hats!

The circus sippers would be a hit with the kids, no doubt!

A fond memory of going to the circus as a child are those classic popcorn boxes. Le Petit Party actually offers you the boxes, AND POPCORN! So simple, brilliant idea!

For more edible treats, check out the swirly old fashioned lollipops Le Petit offers--perfect for your dessert table or as a centerpiece in a large bucket for the kids to grab on their way home!

That striped ribbon around the lollipops? Yes, they have that too, and my personal favorite is the red ribbon with a white saddle stitch--ADORABLE!

Presentation can take something simple and turn it into something divine. I am swooning over these darling favor boxes (tags and ribbon available too, of course!)

Then of course, comes CLASSIC paper party products, that allow you to use other elements to get your theme across. I love the red and white striped paper cups, and the red napkins with white stripes. And the paper plates? PERFECT!!!

Add simple cupcakes with towers of white frosting, wrap these baking cups around and you have a perfect presentation!

Need balloons? They have those too!

It has been very hard to find an online party shop that offers you all the products you need to create a stylish party for your child.

It seems to me Le Petit Party  has done a great job of trying to break that cycle and offer you complete party theme items, but giving you more sophisticated options mixed in to cater and appeal to those of you who don't want something from your neighborhood party shop!

Are you hosting a ladybug party? A safari party? How about a ballerina, butterfly, or farm themed event? They have treats for all of these, and more!

The giveaway {open internationally} ends Monday at 11:59pm EST, so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you take the time to enter soon. 

You can click here to the giveaway post, entry rules are at the bottom.


Michael Schultz said...

Hi I love the red and white striped napkins, may I ask you where I can buy them? Kind regards Michael (London, UK)

Michael Schultz said...

Hi I love the red and white striped napkins, may I ask you where I can buy them? Kind regards Michael (London, UK)