Thursday, November 11, 2010

Max's First Birthday {Stylish Guest Party Feature} & {Magnolia Creative Giveaway Winner}


That word best describes Sarah Thompson in so many ways.

She is....gorgeous.

Her  design work for {Style Me Gorgeous} is...gorgeous.

Her contributions (she is a fellow contributor of mine!) for Design Dazzle are...gorgeous.

Her event styling is...gorgeous.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the party she styled for her son Max's first birthday is handsome, and gorgeous!

I have been a fan of Sarah's work ever since I first was introduced to it. Her style, while often emulated, is unmatched.

It is hers and always will be. I adore it, and I have a feeling you will too!

A canvas in Max's room served as the inspiration for the party design (darling!)

You can see it carried through with the colors, tricycle and kites.

I simply adore the cookies and milk favor pouches, don't you?


And the caramel popcorn is so beautifully packaged--simple, casual, sweet.

Sarah did something darling here--not using your standard striped paper straws--I love this unique touch.

This is a trend I am LOVING, and cannot wait to use one day: Darling little suitcases to display treats, such as favors. Precious!

Sarah's packaging of the favors is clean, crisp, perfect.

I love this perfectly imperfect cake pop!


Darling chalkboard--even written in light blue! That is how close attention Sarah pays to the details.


A sweet dessert table indeed!

I am in love with the way Sarah displayed the cookies & milk favors.

One of my favorite fonts, used for the cake pop flags. So handsome, yet sweetened with the little tricycle.

The kites are a sweet alternative to your standard personalized pennant flags--darling!

A photo too precious not to share!

The design on the chocolate bars is absolutely darling. Love the gold wrappers too, they match beautifully.

The cupcake display stand is fabulous, I love it as something fresh and different from the tiered stands we often see.

And oh, the birthday cake! I laughed when I saw this darling photo as I just used a simple chocolate cake with ribbon trim for the Wizard of Oz party. I noted how it was rare to see a chocolate frosted cake on a dessert table--I LOVE how Sarah decorated hers here.

Loving the food signs. If you are interested in this darling collection, it isn't on her website, but you can e-mail her directly to inquire about a custom order!!! 

Thank you Sarah, for sharing your gorgeous party! You can visit Sarah's website here, and blog here.

Some fabulous styling tips taken from Sarah's party:

1. Use little suitcases to hold favors, as a cake stand or for added height on dessert tables.

2. Kites make a darling alternative to pennant flags as a backdrop for your dessert table.

3. Custom made buttons to tie up packages with favors is a fresh, unique idea and serves as a little favor all its own!

4. Don't be afraid to use a chocolate frosted cake--it is loved by many for its taste, and Sarah shows you it can be equally charming!

5. Photography is important in capturing special milestone events like a first birthday. Sarah used NFE Design to take spectacular images from her party.


The fabulous Magnolia Creative giveaway winner is....Michele! Michele, please e-mail me promptly to accept your prize! Thank you , and congratulations!!!!


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I love the soft color palette! Simply sweet and beautiful!!

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LOVE the favor display!!!

Anders Ruff Custom Designs said...

Oh my goodness - SO sweet I love it from top to bottom! Gorgeous!

First birthday photo invitations said...

Full of sweet foods, surely a fun party! Happy birthday to your little prince.

Jen @ said...

So clean and simple...I love it! :)

Seven Days of Pretty said...

What type of chocolate bars did you use for those? I want to do a similar thing at my wedding as favours, but I can't find a chocolate bar with a gold wrapper!