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Nonpareil Magazine {Exclusive Interview}

Many of you may know of the gorgeous online publication, Nonpareil Magazine. I personally swoon over it and find tremendous inspiration for children's party design from this wedding-related online magazine.

                                                          {photo credit: Larry Callahan}

It is a go-to resource combining talents of many brilliant artisans, offering crafty DIY ideas and templates that you can actually use to re-create  making your next event spectacular!

DIY Free Templates Lord of the Rings Inspired

          {Fireworks wedding favor and paper lantern templates designed by Kate Carder-Thompson}
Today I have the great opportunity of sharing with you an interview I recently conducted with Nonpareil Magazine gals, Maddy and Jess!




If you have ever considered launching an online magazine, or wondered how wedding blogs could inspire your children's parties...or maybe just wanted to know more behind-the-scenes info from the geniuses at Nonpareil, here is your chance, read on!

    {Wreath template designed by Maddy Hague of The Inspired Bride}
{Question}What is Nonpareil Magazine?

{Answer} Maddy + Jess: Nonpareil Magazine is an online mag that specializes in handcrafted, creative DIY inspiration for weddings and other special occasions. Where other magazines and blogs offer great visual inspiration, our focus is to make it attainable by helping you recreate the look of each article by yourself.

                                                         {photo credit Sofia Negron}

{Question} How did Nonpareil Magazine come about? What is the story behind the lovely e-zine?

{Answer}Maddy: The original concept for the Inspired Bride was eventually to have it be a magazine. Another wedding magazine launched before I had the opportunity to actually make it happen, so I waited a few months before working on whether or not the idea would actually be feasible. I put out a question on Twitter to see if there would be any interest, and Kristen of Paper Crave direct messaged me for more information because she wanted to see what I had up my sleeve. After some back and forth e-mails, we decided it would be fun to work on the project together.

Kristen was the one who came up with the name, after the type of sprinkle which references back to wedding cakes and pastries. We loved the fact it means "having no equal", and we also felt it referenced what we were trying to accomplish - that each article would be its own unique gem in a sea of equally good ideas.

[Kristen has since left the project to refocus on her many, many personal internet projects and on freelance work, but I've been fortunate to have Jess take over where she left off!]

                                                    {designed by Paige Rothhaar; Minted}

{Question} For those who may feel that Nonpareil Magazine only caters to those looking for wedding inspiration, what can you tell that that it offers outside of weddings?

{Answer} M+J: Obviously the main focus is weddings, however the vast majority of projects and printables can be repurposed for general entertaining. Nonpareil is really a jumping off point in terms of inspiration - the only limit to what you can do with our resources is that of your creativity.

                                                         {photo credit: Kristen Magee}

{Question} What are the future goals for Nonpareil?

{Answer}M+J: We're constantly looking at how we can improve. We're currently reanalyzing the magazine for ways to improve that will roll out with our one year anniversary in February.

                     {Bag labels, bottle labels, and bottle tops template designed by Maddy Hague of Inspired Bride.}

{Question} Is there a reason you selected to go with an e-zine format as opposed to a print magazine? Have you found there to be certain benefits to being online that you would not get being in print?

{Answer} J: There are definitely benefits to being online that go beyond just cost. Having the entire archive of each issue online makes the material so much more easily accessible to our readers- they can easily come back to favorite features from past issues without piles of papers cluttering up their homes.

M: The cost is really a huge thing though. It's really difficult to put out a magazine of our size without having every other page being an advertisement, especially at a reasonable rate! To sell Nonpareil in the current distribution quantity, we'd have to charge way more than we'd feel comfortable with. That's not to say we don't continue to explore options in print, but for now online is really the best format for us.

                           {Napkin ring template designed by Jennifer Young White of Labor of Love Projects}

{Question} Nonpareil invites contributors to share their work, making it a beautiful collaboration and fresh content in every issue. How are you able to seamlessly integrate the work of so many different contributors while keeping the style and essence of Nonpareil unchanged?

{Answer} J: We have a pitch and approval process for every feature in each issue which includes providing inspiration boards and outlines of their projects. We seek to connect quality vendors together to collaborate on these features to keep a similar aesthetic across the board.

                   { Mr. and Mrs. signs, leaf cutout template, and favor box template designed by Vicky Hudgins of City Cradle Design.}

{Question} Is there an all-time favorite issue or feature of yours? If so, please share!

{Answer} J: I really loved Issue 04: A Silver Screen Soiree. I loved seeing inspiration from classic movies and TV come to life!

M: I agree, so far issue four has been my favorite. Each issue has its own stars, though, so there are favorites all over the place.

                                {Amelie inspired escort cards and menu designed by Bianca Mascorro}

{Question} Dessert tables are all the rage these days with children's parties. Do you have any special dessert table features in Nonpareil we might find as a source of inspiration for a child's party?

{Answer}M: Our best example is in Issue 4 , created by Shauna Younge . It was based on Alice in Wonderland.

                           { Menu and place card designed by Nicole Black, The Left Handed Calligrapher.}

{Question}  For those who are interested in becoming a contributor for Nonpareil, where might they go to learn more information?

{Answer}J: Those interested in contributing can visit us here to request a contributors kit and more information.

M: I handle contributions. I try to get back to you as soon as possible, but feel free to follow up if it takes a few days to hear back from me. With three projects running, I can get a little busy - especially when an issue is being crafted!

                  {7Up + Moxie soda bottle labels, a menu, and recipe cards inspired by the AMC series, Mad Men. Mint julep recipe card
                           designed by Jacqueline Weppner of Merci New York.}

{Question}Tell us a little bit about the team behind Nonpareil: do you work together from one office, or remotely from homes spread out across the country? The globe? What are your hobbies, interests, favorite colors? How would you describe the overall style of Nonpareil?

{Answer} J: I am a graphic designer in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm editor of The Budget Savvy Bride , a wedding blog for brides on a budget. I loves crafts and home decor projects and my DVR. My favorite colors are turquoise and yellow.

M: I am a graphic designer and art director in the Twin Cities Metro in Minnesota, so obviously we work remotely. We do actually know each other, though! We just don't see each other too regularly... I love letterpress, silkscreening, cooking, crafting, indie music, and playing video games. I'm really just an art school dork, really. Nonpareil's overall style is modern and quirky, like the two of us!

                                         {Mailing label template designed by Melangerie.}

{Question} For those who are thinking of launching their own e-zine, what advice do you have to offer?

{Answer} M: It's not like running a blog. It's not something that one person can do on their own, even when only managing the backend stuff. There's a lot of work and stress involved, so you have to be really honest with yourself when considering it. Are you doing it more impulsively, because it seems cool? Or because you think you have a great idea that will really benefit the community in a way blogs are not currently?

                                      {Candy bar wrappers designed by Kristy Stephenson of Posh Pixels Design Studio.}

{Question} What do you see as current trends in event design? Any particular color-schemes? Dessert tables, photo booths....what's next?

{Answer} M: I think it's not so much a detail as it is a feel. It's quirky, it's hand crafted, it's true to the host's personality and it's outside the box. Just because Martha says it's the hot new color combination, doesn't mean you have to follow it. Don't use a vintage typewriter as a guestbook because you saw it on a blog.

A HUGE thank you to Maddy & Jess for this fabulous interview!

You can find their website here and blog here. Check out their gorgeous issues, find the printable files to use for your next event, and if you have something gorgeous to contribute, read here regarding submissions!

*Check back next week for another wonderful interview with Maddy about The Inspired Bride & Somewhere Splendid*

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