Wednesday, December 8, 2010

BIG NEWS from cupcakeMAG {& Exclusive Interview}

What a DELIGHTFUL post I get to write today!!!! With some very, VERY *BIG* news from Casi of cupcakeMAG.

So exciting, I am beyond honored I get to be the one to share it with you all!!!!! Keep reading to learn the big secret!

{Question} Tell us a little bit about cupcakeMAG and how it evolved, and the recent addition, Sprinkles {now cupcakeMAG for Littles}

{Answer} cupcakeMAG began two years ago showcasing New York, LA and Miami Fashion Week – it was your place for all things fashion where we would showcase exclusive designer interviews and backstage coverage. Once things got up and going cupcakeMAG really took off – we started covering not just fashion but beauty, celebrity interviews, etc.


Then we realized we needed a place for Mommistastas to go – a place where we could not just cater to fashionistas but a one-stop blog for moms and their littles. That is when Sprinkles, now cupcakeMAG for Littles was born; Fashionable Treats for Chic Moms and Their Babes. Both of our blogs offer great product reviews of all the hottest must-have items, celebrity interviews and giveaways galore!

                     {cupcakeMAG for Littles mamaRoo feature here}

 {Question} What inspired you to start cupcakeMAG and how did you turn it from a dream to a reality?

{Answer} I was inspired by a mentor, fashion editor Vivian Kelly who I previous wrote & her site, Lyra Mag. After venturing to a few fashion weeks and covering the events I realized I needed a place of my own. It quickly took off and has grown to a great business! Hard work and passion made it go from a dream to reality. It takes a lot of dedication to make it work.

                      {cupcakeMAG for Littles Whirl Balance Scooter feature & giveaway here}

{Question} You have featured many celebrity interviews. Can you give us any hints of any upcoming celebrity interviews we should keep our eyes open for?

{Answer} Of course! We will be showing off Kendra Wilkinson, Aubrey O'Day, Kate Gosselin, Stephanie Pratt, Kim Zolarick....gosh, the list goes on! We get new interviews every week with fabulous people! And we have to say our celeb supporters are quite amazing.

                                          {cupcakeMAG inverview with Sandra Lee here}

{Question} How important has social media been in promoting cupcakeMAG? Do you have any tips for moms at home starting businesses, on important tips for using social media to promote their businesses?

{Answer} Beyond important. It is basically a MUST. A good portion of our readers come from Twitter and Facebook.  I would say that social media is so important in promoting your business. It is quick way to get the word out and a great way to promote quickly! It is also a great way to interact with your readers, customers, etc -- let them get to know you a little more! Being personal but staying professional is great for your business and Twitter and Facebook are perfect for that. But don't just update once a week - tweet and post daily - same thing if you are a blogger. You will lose readers if you don't post something everyday.

                                             {cupcakeMAG interviews with Tori here}

{Question} The big question: do you manage to balance work and family? What works well for you to keep your priorities in order?

{Answer} Ahhh! I get this question quite often - in emails, on the phone - it is a biggie & so important! Finding a balance can be really difficult. It can be hard sometimes, especially with a blackberry to shift from office to home because my mind is always working and I am constantly with a full inbox of emails. Having a schedule and amazing time management really helps. As long as you can draw the line between family and business you can manage it all – it is just about the finding your own balance. As for priorities -- list, list, list, schedule, schedule, schedule. Just recently I set us up with a Google Calendar so all of my writers can you view our Editorial Schedule for cupcakeMAG & cupcakeMAG for Littles. It is very important to be organized. I am obsessed with writing list of what needs to be done - it is just my way of staying organized.

                                          {cupcakeMAG's interview with Trista Sutter here}

{Question} Let's get to know you a bit better:

Favorite Color: Pink

                             {cupcakeMAG for Littles Pottery Barn Kids product feature here}

Favorite Brick & Mortar Shop for Clothing: I really like small high-end boutiques in my area like Urban Chic, Cupcake and more in the DC area. However, my favorites B&M for clothing would be Forever 21 - they always are a good quick fix and I like to mix low-end with high-end. I also love Nordstrom, Intermix, Anthropologie, Zara, Target, --- well, I love to shop so this list could go on for days! I definitely shop around!

Favorite Brick & Mortar Shop, Period! TARGET! Love me so Tar-Jay!

Favorite Online Stores: LOVE Gilt! Lulus, Bluefly, Modcloth, Etsy,  Net-a-Porter

3 Favorite Foods: Egg rolls, Cupcakes and Shrimp Alfredo

                                 {cupcakeMAG interivew with blogger Chloe here}

 {Question} How would you describe your personal sense of style?

{Answer} This is a tough one! I don't like talk abot myself :) Let's say Trendsetting Classic.  I would say I am mix of a trendsetter (Sarah Jessica Parker, Cate Blanchett, Gywneth, Natalie Wood) because I have an individualistic approach to style but not to the point where I like to grab attention. I know what I like and how to pull it together in fresh & modern ways. I always keep up with the trends but put my personal twist on them and like trying new things and never the same look twice. With style icons like Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Lauren Bacall -- I like to do it in a way of my own.

However, I also like to look polished and ladylike but not to trasitional. I love classic pieces but give them my personality. I aim to be neither a trend follower nor a trendsetter -- women always look great in black dresses & red lipstick and still do - think Sabrina and Breakfast with Tiffanys!

My must-haves are eye-catching accessories, cool vintage bags, something animal-print (a zebra coat?), and to keep it all balanced, the perfect crisp white blouse, at least one luscious cashmere sweater, ladylike slingbacks, a silver compact or lipstick case, a trench coat and the perfect black dress.

                                     {cupcakeMAG interview with Rachel here}

{Question} What are your future goals for cupcakeMAG?

{Answer} During the first of the New Year we will be launching a site. We will no longer be considered a "blog". We have to much content each day to get up and way to amazing things to share. We are working with Zee Studios and beyond excited! We also are working on having a annual print issue. We have a ton of great things to come! But can give tooooo many teasers :)

                              {cupcakeMAG for Littles Elegant Baby feature here}

 {Question} What are your top five websites/blogs that you must read every day?

{Answer} Oh gosh! Five?! I don't know if I can get them down to that! I always read My Fav Everything, Sweet Harper, Domestic Failure, LaunchHER, Pizzazzerie, The Chloe Conspiracy...and of course, Kate Landers!

      {image by Sandy Heit; cupcakeMAG for Littles interview with Shanna Coady here}

 {Question} What do you and your family plan on wearing this holiday seasons (for parties, trips to the theater, concerts, etc) {great chance to drop names of favorite brands of children's clothing, your newest pair of shoes, etc}

{Answer} Well, for Thanksgiving my girls wore a mix of Company Kids and Gymboree with Eleven & Nordstrom shoes. The darling hubs wore J.Crew - his party uniform is usually dark denim & a button down. As for me - always in a dress and heels. It is standard for me when going out. We are a dress it up kind of family - especially during the holiday season. The girls will most likely be in dresses (Laken & Lila on Etsy, Nordstrom, Gymboree, Janie and Jack) with their fanciest shoes!

                            {cupcakeMAG for Littles feature on Blue Freckle here}

 {Question} How do you celebrate birthdays in your family?

{Answer} Go big or go home! That is my motto.  Birthdays are HUGE in our house. Our guest list for our littles is usually around 60-70 people of our closest family and friends. I always go with a theme and try to make it as special as possible. I always get my girls balloons, flowers and chocolate to go along with their presents. I LOVE celebrating birthdays but not as much as Christmas! That would be my favorite holiday!
                 {cupcakeMAG feature backstage at Carolina Herrera here}
And now for the much awaited news......***CASI IS EXPECTING (her FOURTH child!!!!!), due in June!***
{cupcakeMAG for Littles feature on Miravos here}

A huge, HUGE congratulations to Casi, this is absolutely precious news, so delighted she chose to exclusively share it with her readers and fans through our interview.
               {cupcakeMAG for Littles feature on Snuggle Bug Kidz here}
Thank you dearly, Casi, it was a pleasure getting to know you better!!!!

For all you who want to stay "in the know", here's how to keep in touch with Casi:
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Lindsay Banner said...

Great interview Kate!!!! Congrats Casi!!! How exciting!!!! I know what to get you if it's a girl ;)

LaunchHER said...

Wow! What huge news, Casi! Thanks for the wonderful feature, Kate - we thoroughly enjoyed it!

We're so honored to be listed among the "fav" sites. Casi, thank you SO much!

Rachel @ A Cupcake for Moose said...

Aww, yay #4! Congrats Casi! What a wonderful time for you and your family. Hope you're feeling great! :)

Sweet Harper said...

Such a fun interview to read, and such exciting news too! xo

coolkids said...

awesome news! Love cupcake mag and cupcake mag for littles! Big fan.:)