Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How Does She? {Exclusive Interview With Shelley Coates}

 Does this adorable party look familiar?

How about now?


Do you remember this smash cake shot?

And these details...

 You may remember this darling party I mentioned a few months back...

With the cutest "club" sandwiches...

I absolutely adore these two parties by Shelley Coates of How Does She.

Not to mention, she is just downright sweet and down-to-earth. I was totally enchanted with her candid interview below, and hope you will be as well. This is one creative and stylish mom to watch.

{Question} Shelley, please tell us a bit about How Does She?...when did it launch, what is it, how can we use it?

{Answer} HowDoesShe launched in November of 2009.  We just had our one year birthday and celebrated with a fancy schmany dinner with our husbands. We decided we had deserved a nice night out. :)

{Question} How did you get involved with How Does She, and what is it about the site that inspires you?

{Answer} Two of my dear friends and I decided it would be fun to have a database on information featuring women who inspire us. We are so amazed at all the talents women have, and we wanted a site that housed brilliant ideas from others.

                     {tutorial on spontaneous party box here}

{Question} When looking for sources of inspiration, where do you look, or what do you do?  

{Answer} I look to other people.  Sure, I have a few creative ideas up my sleeve,…but the vast majority of my creative inspiration comes from others.

                        {brilliant MUST SEE Tooth Fairy idea here}

{Question} You have thrown some pretty amazing parties for your you have any background as a professional event designer? Even if not, what are some helpful tips you could share with our readers in regards to designing their children's parties, based on your experiences designing your own? 

{Answer} Heck no! I have no experience. I can’t hold a candle to the pros.  I just like to pretend I can hang with Kate Landers, Tom Kat, and Amy Atlas  They are my inspiration for all things festive.   

               {Mini Lemon Meringue Cupcakes here}

The few things I have learned is to stay with one or two colors, stick with a theme, and keep your eyes open months in advance.  The ideas will grow and grow if you plan enough in advance. (Watch out, the budget grows with it)!

                      {tiered cupcake platter tutorial here}

{Question} Let's get to know Shelley a bit... 

Favorite Color: Blue

 Favorite Blogs/Websites To Visit Daily: My list is ridiculously huge.  A few of my obsessions are: Giver's Log, Life in the Fun Lane, Isabella & Max Rooms, Enjoying the Small Things, Make it and Love it, I could go on, and on, and on...

Favorite Mail-Order Catalogs: Williams Sonoma, Pottery barn, Pottery Barn Kids

 3 Favorite Shops: Macy's, Baby Gap, Hobby Lobby

 Favorite Dessert: Just one?!  Anything baked.  I’d take a warm fruit dessert over a chocolate cake anyday.

                      {Toddler Boy Room on a Budget here}

 {Question} How have you managed to keep your priorities straight, managing family, work, and keeping yourself together? Any helpful hints for our readers?

 {Answer} Oh boy.   Why must you ask this?  I feel guilty whenever I am asked this question. Truthfully this is something I am working on daily.  I am getting better!  My family is my top priority so I try to blog and work in the mornings before they wake up, or while they are napping. 

                       {Pinkalicious party feature here}

Most days I pull myself together enough to look decent, but the honest truth is sometimes I have to remind myself to put on a bra at noon!

                     {napkin dress tutorial here}

{Question} What is your absolute most favorite creative thing to do?  

 {Answer} Gifts. Sentimental gifts.  Blankets, photo gifts, memory gifts, etc. I love giving things to people they aren’t expecting that they LOVE.  Does my heart good.  I love receiving creative sentimental gifts too.  Just ask my husband. His recipe box gift last year was stellar!

{Question} What is your favorite aspect of your children's parties?

{Answer} The pictures.  I love the fact that after the party is all over, I can look back on a ‘picture perfect’ party.  My events don’t always go as perfectly as planned, but the pictures, they create the magic. They make me smile. I always create photo books of my children's parties, so when they are older, they can look back and feel the magic too.  Hopefully the books will remind them how much I love them.

               {Oreo Cookie Sucker Tutorial Here}

{Question} Can you give us any insight or hints as to what we might see featured on How Does She, or any new projects for you in the works?  

{Answer}  I’m already dreaming up my children’s parties for this next summer. I've been in the baking mood lately so expect some delicious recipes soon. Oh!!!  We were just featured on Disney!! Shhh we haven’t even told our readers yet! You can see the Disney posts here, here, and here.

{Question} What is the BEST piece of advice you have ever received? 

  {Answer} To treasure every stage and season of life.  Because you will miss it.  (That silly country song, ‘you’re gonna miss this’ makes me cry every single time I hear it).

                   {Little Guy Tie here}

{Question} For busy moms, do you have any advice on how to incorporate their passion into their daily lives?  

{Answer} Make time for things you are passionate about. Just do it. It will help to keep you sane. Find a little 'ME TIME'.  Always prioritize, and keep prioritizing. (I'm telling this to myself).

                      {Creative Ways To Spill The Beans here}

{Question} Where can we stay up to date with How Does She?

Our weekly newsletter is the best way to get some HowDoesShe love!  You can sign up on our home page under 'follow us'. We often send out adorable free printables by chickabug!!!

A HUGE thank you to the amazing Shelley of How Does She for this terrific interview! What a great read, and cannot wait to see what you do next!!!!!


Rachel @ A Cupcake for Moose said...

Great interview with Shelley! Love the advice to have some "me time" thrown in the mix. A balanced mommy creates a happy home, right?

Heather - Chickabug said...

What a wonderful interview - reading it truly made me smile! : )

Ry and Ally said...

Shelley you amaze me every single time with your creativity! You are so talented! Great interview. Great advice on balancing time and putting your family first. I'm sure you're a fantastic wife and mother. :) Thanks for inspiring us every day!

Kara said...

love you shell! This was a great interview:) So proud your my sister.