Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meet Marie of Sweets Indeed {Exclusive Interview}

Have you heard of Sweets Indeed? They are an absolutely incredible sweet table design company based in Southern California, who offer high-quality sweets and incredible sweet table designs.

In addition to having enormous talent and creativity, Marie of Sweets Indeed is also a wonderful entrepreneur. She values the highest quality products for her clients, and takes each and every detail of her work very seriously.

Marie always comes across as incredibly thoughtful and genuine--I am highly honored to have the privilege of knowing her.

It brings me great joy to share with you a lovely interview I conducted with her not too long ago. Enjoy!

{Question} Please tell us how Sweets Indeed came from an idea to a full-blown business, and how it got to where it is today!

I grew up in a household where birthdays and achievements were a huge deal. My mom went all out when it came to making sure details were personalized and memories were made. I definitely got my creative craziness and love for party planning from her. My great grandma and grandmother were always baking, hence my love of all things sweet.

After my daughter was born, my life changed and I realized I had to be happy with my career. I had been in the medspa industry before and the thing I loved the most was customer service and making people happy. I also wanted to do something that still allowed me to be there for my kiddo. A 9-5 job was just not cutting it.

So...I started styling edible stations and used my friends and families as guinea pigs. About 2 years ago, I hit a point where it was either go legit or go home. Sweets Indeed became my official, full-time career in December of 2009. I am thrilled to be doing what I love and hope to leave a legacy that my daughter can be a part of.

{Question} You have created these fabulous sweet skewers. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind them, and any hints at new designs we will see in 2011?

Kids are always playing with their food, twirling gum around their fingers, and leaving unwrapped lollipops around. My daughter would stick gummy rings and other candies over her fingers and make a gooey mess. I thought...there's got to be a better way to do this! So on a stick they went! I also wanted an edible treat that could be customized for any color palette or theme and was something unique for each event. We will be launching our online store that will host 6-8 different "ready to ship" Sweet Skewer styles and an option to completely customize your own. Of course, we'll be creating Holiday themes. Our Valentine Sweet Skewers are in our etsy shop now.

{Question} We would LOVE to get to know you better! Please tell us about yourself.

Here's some random facts about me.

-I have always enjoyed the customer service side of a business.

- I started as a veterinary technician (I practically had my own zoo growing up), worked at a German bakeshop, and am a licensed esthetician (not practicing anymore except to keep my eyebrows trim).

-I love to laugh and have quite a silly side.

-Disneyland is my home away from home.

- I'm into blues and greens and have been itching for another baby for quite some time now.

-I LOVE chocolate and baked goods. My favorites change constantly as I am always taste testing for quality assurance. Right now I'm a sucker for pistachio french macarons and vanilla bean cupcakes.

-I'm random.

{Question} You have designed some pretty incredible sweet tables, none of which don't have my jaw drop to the floor--they are so brilliantly creative and inspirational! How long, from the conception of the idea until the last dessert is placed on the table, is the process? I know that it can take hundreds and hundreds of hours, days, weeks, even months--that it is very deceiving, not as easy as it looks to get all those details just right!

This is a tough one because we've been put on many different deadlines. I'd say ideally, from consultation to final design, it takes about 2 months. We always have several projects going on so sometimes the lines get blurred. There's a lot of time spent in the creative process and I'm a sucker for the itty bitty details.

{Question} What are your goals for Sweets Indeed in 2011, and what steps have you already taken to get them accomplished?

 We have some exciting new ventures for 2011. Let's just say, we've been getting a lot of requests to travel and we are working on sending Sweets Indeed across the nation. We are blessed to have met and continue to meet amazing people in the industry. This business has also given us the opportunity to "give back" which is always something I knew I wanted to do. We will also be launching the charity portion of our business, "Sweets In Need". I am inspired, daily, by all the entrepreneurs and talent out there. This is a dream come true!


Thank you so much Marie, for this delightful interview! I cannot wait to learn more about what you have in store for us in 2011.

If you want to stay in the loop with Sweets Indeed {I highly recommend it!} you can find them here:





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Anonymous said...

Marie is genuine with everyone she works with and amazingly talented. Lots of love & luck to you & Sweets Indeed ~ Sheryl Bell

dadá said...

Fantastic post!

Karen said...

What a great interview.I really enjoy coming here for all of the beautiful designs and ideas for elegant events.

Latisha Horton said...

I truly enjoyed Marie's interview! I heart all of her incredible work. I cannot wait to see the Sweet Kabobs she's created for my daughter's upcoming birthday celebration ... Kate i'm coming back to share so get ready *smile*