Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Joyfolie {BIG SALE} on Zulily

HUGE Joyfolie sale on Zulily started today. WOW!

                                                {all images on Zulily for the Joyfolie sale}

I know I have been very sporadic with my blog posts lately. Today I was inspired to share these beautiful products that inspire me tremendously (in awe of Joyfolie's designs and sheer talent) as well as a discount shopping site I have greatly enjoyed shopping with).

I always swoon over the beautiful shoes, accessories and clothing from the spectacular brand Joyfolie. If these gorgeous goodies had been around when I was little, I would have coveted any and all of them.

                                         {all images from Joyfolie sale on Zulily}

If you haven't joined Zulily yet, please feel free to accept my invitation and SHOP NOW!  {Please read all details on the Zulily regarding sign up bonuses received for referring new customers}.

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Nicole (Bellenza Party Suite) said...

Omg these are adorable! I love the colors too! ♥